Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bunny Tales & 15 Day Challenge: Day 4,5,6 & 7

Hello friends!

So sorry I've been missing from the link up since Day 3, especially sorry to Sar since I'm the one who asked her to do this link up in the first place!   But Thursday & Friday mornings were horrible ones, and I've been playing catch up/crying the rest of the week until now!

Thursday morning, I woke up and took a shower like normal, with Maddie (my younger bunny) sitting at the end of the hallway like normal, just staring at me.  Not that unusual. Then after my shower I came out and Bailey (the older bunny) was laying on the floor next to the bathroom, in the hallway where he never goes, facing away from me, laying all the way on the ground, eyes closed and body looking..weird?
So Tim and I freaked out and rushed him to the vet and they said his body was very cold but his heart rate and breathing were OK.  So after handing us a giant bill, they kept the bunny for tests and to stay overnight.
He was sitting in an incubator trying to warm up when we petted him goodbye, with the saddest little expression on his face ever!  The rest of the day at work I sat there silently crying thinking about him.
It turns out that little Bailey has kidney failure and they didn't know if he was going to be able to fight it or not. By the end of the first day he was kind of responding to treatment, he actually got up and turned around and attempted to wash his face, and while it wasn't enough to say he's getting better, the vet was optimistic. 
Friday morning came and we anxiously called to get an update, and Bailey had just had a seizure and passed away moments before we called.  Needless to say, we're both heartbroken.. Bailey was seriously the cutest bunny ever and we loved him so much!
Now we have poor Maddie, who didn't get to see Bailey's body to know that he is gone.  Bunnies who have bonded with a friend general sink into depression without a replacement bunny, but we're not sure we want another rabbit.  But the thought of her alone all by herself without her companion kills me.  Tough thoughts this weekend. 
We're both so grateful for all the great friends who continued to check in on us yesterday.  We've had Bailey for four years and the house already feels empty without them.
Anyway, I have four days of link ups to catch up on, so here goes:

[Day 4]: What's your favorite childhood memory?
My favorite childhood memory is most definitely watching The Sandlot with my mom and brother and making s'mores in the oven during the camp out scene.  We loved that movie and did it a lot!

[Day 5]: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?
I'm going the TV show character route like Collette:

Jim Halpert from The Office,
Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother,
Rachel Berry from Glee, and 
Chandler & Monica- everyone says we're just like them, so I think we'd make great dinner companions!  I'll talk too quiet and she can talk too loud.

[Day 6]: What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't? Why not?
Scuba diving!  I'm slightly terrified of snorkeling in anything other than super clear water, and it's expensive to learn.  And I worry about my asthma.  But I really want to do it.

On a big scale, I always wanted to go travel the world for a couple years.  I didn't because I didn't have the money to do it after college, and frankly didn't know how.  And by the time I did, Tim and I were both too invested in "real" jobs to leave them.  I'd love to go teach English abroad for a year as well, except for the whole teaching part.  Alas, I'm still traveling as much as possible, so I'm not disappointed in myself!

[Day 7]: Recommend a book for us to read. Why is it important/special to you?
In honor of Bailey, I'll have to pick the Velventeen Rabbit, my favorite book as a child.  Yes, I was obsessed with bunnies ever since I was a kid.  
I plan to catch up on all the link ups for awhile, can't wait to read them all!

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