Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 1

It's time for Sar's Link Up Challenge!!

Prompt One:
List 15 fun facts about myself

Oh boy, I feel like I can't think of any more between this post and this one, but I'll try!

Actually scratch that, I'm making Tim do it, here you go:
  1. Shauna has a weird thing about getting her hands wet.
  2. Shauna will go from crying to laughing hysterically in seconds when watching movies.
  3. Shauna has changed the color of the walls in our spare room more times then I can count.
  4. Shauna reads super fast.  I always try to catch her skipping pages but she passes the test every time.
  5. Shauna spent a lot of her childhood in and out of hospitals and doctors offices, so she's a champ when it comes to that stuff.  She's had three surgeries since I met her and you'd never know by the next day.
  6. Shauna builds things.
  7. Shauna loves cupcakes, and had them instead of a wedding cake.
  8. Al Pachino's name makes Shauna laugh hysterically.  And the "What kind of cheese is not yours?  Nacho cheese."
  9. Shauna only has one cousin, who's 1 1/2 years old.
  10. Shauna only started liking Harry Potter in 2006!!!  
  11. Shauna got an award the only year she played organized sports, basketball in 5th grade, for being the only one on the team to memorize all the plays.
  12. Shauna used to sing "if you want to decroy my quweter" instead of "if you want to destroy my sweater" when she was a little kid.
  13. Shauna loves to rap.
  14. Shauna drinks olive juice straight from the jar.  A lot.  It's gross.
  15. Shauna graduated college at 19.  Actually she graduated community college at 17 first.

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