Friday, June 1, 2012

Jewelry Box: Part Three- Reveal!!!

Here we are for one last post about my jewelry box! I showed you how I built the frame and how I furnished the interior, and now it's time to share the mirror situation, along with some extra trim info!

I originally planned on making the jewelry box hidden behind a full length mirror, but I already told you how the mirror I had was too heavy to attach to the frame, and then it became warped when I glued it to supporting wood. 

I found another use for the warped mirror, which I'll share next week (it's currently laying on the floor in our hallway so we could cut a bunch of holes in the wall, grr!).
For the bedroom, I grabbed another one of those cheap $6 college mirrors that everyone's owned before- the one I warped was mine from college!  I also grabbed some of those sticky Velcro thingys that attach to your wall with no holes.

I think you can pretty much guess the rest!  I hung it up parallel to the jewelry box so I can check out my sweet slipper sock/dress/Detroit gun shirt combo all at once while waving to myself.

Like a boss.

Back to the jewelry box, I left off in the last post having completed everything except for a frame around the earring screen.  I forgot to grab trim to make a frame while at Home Depot, but luckily, I noticed that a giant frame we had stuffed in a closet had fallen apart!  I had been saving it because I had a number of photos I took and had blown up to 24"X36" and had hanging in the living room for awhile.  I didn't want to get rid of it, but it was just taking up space so I'm a little glad that it was broken.
Because that meant I got a whole bunch of frame-ready wood for free!  I made three frames out of the scraps, one for the jewelry box!
After it was cut to size, I glued it together, painted it white, and glued it along the edge of the earring screen!

So there you have it!  A custom jewelry box that I'm completely in love with, complete with a mirror friend that's finally mounted on the wall instead of leaning on a box!  I already have an order from a friend to make her one- isn't that exciting??

I might even go crazy and add a row of frames to the right of the mirror with framed shopping bags like this photo:
We'll see about that...I thought it would be fun after I got my first ever Anthropologie bag and it was so gorgeous!  I'd be really picky about which bags made the cut!

Speaking of Anthropologie, look at the gorgeous candle holder I got for $8!
Oooh pretty!  It's that cool bubble glass and the perfect color!

Make sure you read the whole jewelry box saga starting with Part One and Part Two!  Or check out my Project Gallery for more inspiration!
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  1. Looks so good! Very classy and I love how you can see everything!

  2. You waving at the camera in your socks is the cutest thing ever. Just saying.

    Love the way it turned out, Shauna!

  3. Such a cute idea! It looks great! :)


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