Friday, June 15, 2012

Frame Wall

It's done kinda!
As usual, I thought it would be a great idea to take photos at night because I'm too anxious to wait until the weekends to take nice daylight photos, so bare with me!

Man, our living room wall colors look so crazy in these pictures as well!
But back to the point, the gallery wall I've been working on in this funny little nook by our TV is relitively done!  At least to the point we're I'm calling it.  It'll truely nevre be done, because I'll always be finding new art and frames or knickknacks to rotate around. 
But over Memorial Day Weekend, I took a frame that was falling apart (remember the same one I used to complete the jewelry box) and made two more irregularly shaped frames for the wall- one's that have been sitting up there as a weird piece of paper taped to the wall since last summer!!
One for the lyrics to Let it Be, something I've had printed out and taped to various walls since high school,
And another for a map of the Seattle neighborhoods.
Here are a few more close ups:
Those are the lyrics from our first wedding dance song, with our names and date in the middle.
And here's a print I ordered months ago from Jenna Sue Designs, more Seattle map goodness!  I also bought a world map from Jenna Sue:
Over here we've got a Dumbledore quote, an ampersand, some peacock feathers,
A homemade exclamation mark that I don't love, place holder keys for one I finally get my hands on a set of antique keys to hang, and a "t" blown up from a magazine article about Elizabeth Taylor (T for Tim, obviously).
Up top we've got my favorite naked lady picture- I hung this up almost as a joke when I first started organizing the wall, but I proceeded to frame this picture before anything else!  I've had it in my pile of magazine cut outs since high school; it's just such a freeing shot and not unlike poses I've struck before ;)
And here it all is together:
Let's hop over to the bedroom for a second and look at another Jenna Sue print I ordered:
Oh goodness don't you just love that wall color??
Anyway, here's an adorable love birds print that I hung next to some more initial art that my co-worker made for me.  That's a G for Tim's last name with a little poem next to it!  

So what do you think??


  1. OMG. This is amazeballs! I love it!
    You want to come and decorate my house for me? Seriously. I need help. Haha.

  2. My mom has always always always had a painting of a naked lady in our bathroom. As in, in the bathroom we share with company. It used to embarrass me so much when I was little. I didn't really get it then, I guess.

  3. I love it! Want to come help me decorate? haha

  4. Cute! I need to get pictures printed sooo bad!

  5. Hmmmm, that coworker of yours is pretty f'ing talented. heh

  6. I swear, I'm just going to move into your house, K? I love all of your little projects! :)

  7. I love your wall!

    Are those capiz shells hanging from the ceiling there?



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