Friday, June 29, 2012

Curtains and Curtains, oh my!

So, who loves stripes?  Me me me!!  Gray and white striped curtains have been pretty popular late, but they're really hard to find!  Crate and Barrel finally came out with a pair, but they're $90 per panel!  Cmon!

West Elm sells a much more affordable curtain for $40, but it's a shower curtain.  That doesn't really matter, they're super wide and made from cloth and loveable. closet happens to be able the same measurements of a shower curtain, so I was all over picking up one for myself!
Unfortunately, the stripes just did not mesh with our wall color!! I meant to paint my room dark gray, but it turned out more navy blue/gray.  So...the beautiful striped curtain completely clashed.  Boo.

But, while I was in West Elm, I spied another shower curtain that I loved on clearance for $20!  I decided to grab one just in case, planning on returning which ever didn't look good.
Ding ding ding!!  The Moroccan print matched the paint perfectly!
Nope, they don't match each other either!
The curtains have a subtle ombre design, getting darker as they approach the bottom. 

Now we just need to tackle the brown velvet curtains we still have over our windows!  I think a simple white curtain might be best?

Back to those stripes though...Tim and I loved them so much we decided to throw it in the actual shower.
Love :).  We decided to keep it even though I hate shower curtains and it makes it really dark in the bathroom.  Worth it!  Maybe we'll get a light installed in the shower?

Have you made any fun home purchases lately?


  1. LOVE that curtain on your closet!! Looks perfect with the walls!

  2. Love the idea of a shower curtain over the closet! I never would have thought of that. And I really like that shower curtain in the bathroom too, but I am the opposite of you and love shower curtains lol.

    And yes I have made fun home purchases! My grandma and mom helped me completely facelift our bathroom (it was much needed)!

  3. love that patternd curtain, perfect for a bedroom. and your jelwery holder is AWESOME!!

    cute blog;thanks for stopping by mine!

    happy sunday!

  4. I, like everyone else here, love the one you ended up with for your closet! Very pretty. :) No fun home purchases for me lately... wait that's a lie! I bought a print off etsy! It has Nemo on it and it says "have the courage to touch the butt," which is perfect, because me and Pat use the phrase "touch the butt" all the time. :)

  5. BAHHHH i love this! :)
    I wish we had a west elm here!

  6. I really like the designs and colors of those lovely curtains. I think that it would be great to make those curtain at home. I know that it would look lovely at home.


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