Monday, June 4, 2012

Chalkboard Message Center

It's baaaaack!

That chalkboard paint I love oh so much has made another appearance in our home!
Remember that mirror I said ended up super warped when I tried to make a lid for my jewelry box?  Well the mirror is still fine, I just look all wavy in it!  So I moved it to the hallway and screwed in into the wall space right across the hall from our kitchen and then I broke out my chalkboard paint and foam roller!

The bench we built is real, another long-weekend project for us!  I'll be sharing it with you guys soon enough!

A great place to leave messages for each other, weather they are song lyrics or a reminder for Tim that if he doesn't buy vacuum bags soon, he might as well find a new home! 

This is what the board currently looks like, because we had to take it down in order to cut holes in our wall.  Oy!  The good news is that we're almost certain the leak is in the garage and not our condo.

Check out my project gallery for many more chalkboard projects!!


  1. I loved that you had the dinner menu on it, all courses! Thanks for a great dinner!

  2. Haha so cute! Great way to reuse :)


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