Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Map Art

Now that I've finally got a dark gray bedroom to work with, I'm excited about updating it for the first time in almost three years!  Our bedroom is the only room that I was immediately happy with and never changed, but I'm ready to rock and roll now!

While I'm busy constructing a jewelry box, we've both been busy deciding how to tackle art above our bed.  

What we know for sure is that we want a vintage map of Paris- how we'll display it is the question!

These are the two pictures I turned to for major inspiration:

So with those inspiration photos in mind, and with the help of my mom and uncle, who are experts in the printing business, we came up with some options for our space.

Option 1: Giant Map
This would be the most expensive option, but it would make a pretty big statement! 
Option 2: Smaller Map
This option would be a heck of a lot cheaper, and we'd be able to get my favorite map print, but it just doesn't seem to fit the space right to me.
Option 3: Two Vertical Maps
(We would make them the same size, I just have excellent Paint skills)

Option 4: Four Vertical Maps
For this print, I could take my favorite map print and divide it into four vertical pieces and maybe make a thin black boarder around the edge.  This was my favorite look in Paint, but I made it look pretty sloppy when demonstrating it with newspaper on my wall!

So which do we like the best? Option 3, two verticals ones, felt most natural but here's the problem with that:
Alright, now that I've put them up like that they look absolutely fine...but you can kind of see how the two maps have different tints?  It looked way worse when Tim and I were looking at them earlier and it kind of turned us off to it. 

However, two vertical maps side by side (Option 3) is still our favorite.  And Option 4.  Still rooting for that one!

Until this morning.

This morning, I was even further complexed when I found this photo:
I'm in love with that look as well! 

Which map is your favorite? 


  1. I like it split into four, personally! I feel like the one with 9 is too busy for me or something.

  2. I really like the one with 9. but also a fan of the 4 vertical. I barely noticed the annoyingness of 2 vertical this time but the river is still an obvious mismatch. THIS IS ALL STILL SO CONFUSING!

  3. I still like the 2 verticals first and the 4 split second!

  4. Funny. The split in 2 is less noticeable then I remember! I think i like the 4 vertical ones the best still.

  5. I vote for 4 or 9. Those are my fav's by far.

  6. i am a fan of the 4 vertical - i like how it fills the space. can you find a larger map and simply slice it neatly into four pieces and then black line them? also, keep in mind how high they will sit above the headboard - if you and tim sit on your beds and lean against the wall at all - you may find frames uncomfortable - maybe decoupage the maps to the wall and edge out with black lines. :-D

  7. I'm going to throw another wrench in the works and suggest you look at 3 vertical strips. Odd numbers tend to look much more balanced and aesthetically pleasing than even numbers.


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