Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

When we were able to finally get rid of the jewelry from the bathroom, it was time to get rid of that pesky old towel bar so that we can install of series of towel hooks.
Here's the general plan for this wall:
Basically, we want to add a series of towel hooks. They just give a rustic, beachy look that's so much more "homey" than an ugly towel bar.

Speaking of hooks, we added a hook for my robe on the back of the door in my bedroom.  It's convenient and gets it off the floor, but I really enjoyed having it laying on the floor next to my bed.  Boo hoo!

We also added another hook to our entree way because we've been trying to hang up twp helmets, Tim's soccer bag, my purse, and canvas bags that need to go back to the car all on one hook.  Now we've got two hooks to juggle all that between!
Back to the bathroom, we finished painting all the walls finally.  You see, back when I painted the kitchen, hallway, and bathrooms the same color, I lost steam after my half and never quite finished Tim's bathroom.  Instead, I just painted the parts I could from room and left the rest electric blue. I also wanted to see what a room would look like with a painted ceiling, so I used my bathroom as a template.  Conclusion: painting ceilings sucks and I won't be doing it in this condo!  Lastly, I also had to paint over the old spots from the towel bar.

Anyway, now our bathroom's all the same color!  Woo!

Annnd we installed some towel hooks!!  I will post the process in tomorrow's post!  Preview?
I'll have a big bathroom update for you all soon.  We've been spending the last six months thinking very carefully about how we want to update our bathrooms and the entire condo floor, and I'm excited to share the new plans with you!

Until next time, check out our condo tour for more pictures!

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  1. Awesome! Your home posts always inspire me. And I need it since I am about ready to throw in the towel (ha, no pun intended) after painting our bathroom half the afternoon trying to cover up the previous owner's gorgeous gold. Blech.


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