Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Favorite Travel Souvenir

Happy Tuesday everyone!!  I'm linking up with Centsational Girl today to talk about my favorite travel souvenir!
We bought this caricature from a street artist in Piazza Navona in Rome during our trip to Europe in June 2011.  We usually don't buy almost any souvenirs because we've always lived in tiny apartments with plenty of clutter, and I take enough photos to negate the need for physical memories, so this is kind of a fun item to bring back to Seattle with us, if only for the adventure we had trying to mail it to ourselves before we left Rome!

Here's a real life photo of us in Rome for comparison:
And the caricature one more time:
This photo cracked us up for many reasons:

  • He decided to make us at the beach and took the liberty of drawing me naked and Tim in Speedos
  • He drew me thinking about ice cream because it was so hot out!
  • Tim's teeny tiny body wind surfing!
  • Our teeth our soooo big!
  • Tim's chewing on a piece of cotton??
  • My big chubby cheeks!  Not much of an exaggeration :)!

Our trip to Europe last year was so much fun, and it's nice to have a funny souvenir as well!  I might love my leather jacket that I purchased there a little bit more, but this drawing makes for better memories!  We plan to frame and hang it up in our game room as soon as we build a set of shelves in there!  In the meantime, read all out our trip and more of our travel tales on our travel page!

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