Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chef Chloe!

Have any of you heard of Chef Chloe?  She's a vegan chef who won the Cupcake Wars on the Food Network- pretty cool! 

And I got to meet her last night!
 I made one of her recipes last week and tweeted her a picture and she totally replied!
Then, when I was looking at her site because I wanted to buy her book, I saw she was going to be doing a book signing in Seattle in a few days, so you better believe I grabbed Lindsey and went to see her.

She is so frickin' adorable- made me wish I had looked a little nicer for the photo but oh well!  We got to sample some of her award winning cupcakes and they were sooooo good!
The coolest part?  She totally remembered me tweeting her a picture of the cookies and suggesting a place for her to eat while in Seattle! 
And then she re-tweeted and replied to me again this morning!!
I am planning on making her Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes (the first cupcake recipe that won on the Food Network) for a dinner party Tim and I are hosting next weekend!  Can't wait to see how they turn out!

So nice to meet you Chloe!


  1. Aww, so cool! Her recipes look DELICIOUS and she is adorable! Looks like fun. :)

  2. Awesome! I don't know her, but she is so cute!

  3. Darn celebrities, always looking all better than us and shizz! ;)

  4. Awesome that you got to meet her and have a book of hers signed! That's really cool! I actually watched that episode of cupcake wars.

  5. That means I get to try the cupcakes, can't wait!!

  6. She's darling and I LOVED her episode of Cupcake Wars. =) Too fun!

  7. So awesome! And even more awesome that she is such a genuine sweetheart!


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