Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bathroom Remodel: Towel Hooks

Like I showed you yesterday, we installed a row of towel hooks in the bathroom in place of our old towel bar.

The thing only cost us $8.51 ish and took about 20 minutes total to do!
The hooks came from a set at Ikea meant as a coat hanger.  It contained a white board along with five hooks for $9.99.  I knew this set was way too small and crowded for our bathroom, but I liked the hooks and for $2 each, I'll take the free board!

The board was snagged at Home Depot in their scrap wood for 51 cents.  Heck yeah!
All I did was paint the board with one thin coat of basic white low VOC paint, applied with a small foam roller.  I only did one coat because I loved how it looks with the knots showing through!  Then I simply screwed in four of the hooks and screwed it into the wall.

It's only been two days and we love it!  It's looks so much classier than throwing our wet towels over the shower curtain!

Tomorrow I'll share the rest of the plan for the bathroom!


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