Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Mercury Window

Remember when I made those faux mercury vases a few months back?  Well, I still had a half full can of Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint, and loose plans to use it in a vintage window.
I never got around to scouring the thrift stores for a cool window, but I realize that I had three of these frames sitting around in my pile of extra knick knacks.

I got these frames right after college when Tim and I lived up north a little way.  I loooove them, but they've been cast aside since we moved into our condo!

I decided to transform two of these frames into vintage-y looking windows to hang above our dresser once we paint our bedroom charcoal gray (which we totally did last weekend!).  So I took out all 18 of the little glass panes and used the same method from these vases to give them a faux mercury glass finish.

Then I took the frames and roughed them up a little bit with some 140 grit sandpaper to remove the shiny coat so that the paint will stick better.
Then I used Olympic's no-VOC paint and primer in one and a small roller to turn the frame white.
After the frames were nice and white, I used the same sandpaper to rough up the white paint, allowing the previous black color to show through along with some of the wood.

And voila!
Now I have two of these "windows" to prop up behind my dresser!  I haven't hung them yet, but as soon as I do, I will be sure to post pictures!

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