Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ocean Acidity

By now we're all aware of global warming and it's dangerous effects to our future.  
Historically, the earth continuously cycles through warmer and colder periods, but what makes our current crisis so scary is that the average temperature is blasting through the roof- literally!  With warming temperatures, we're putting the poor polar bears in danger of losing their ice cap habitats, our farm lands in danger of water shortages and temperatures too high to grow crops, and most of all, our oceans are in trouble!
The ocean absorbs carbon from the air, and with the skyrocketing rates of CO2 being released into the air, the ocean is absorbing more and more.  What's the problem with that?  Well, all the excess carbon absorption makes the water too acidic, and that means trouble for coral reefs.  70% of marine life lives in shallow waters such as coral reefs, swamplands, and tidal pools.  Without precious marine life, the delicate balance of the eco systems is in trouble.

***So how can you help?***

  • Use all natural cleaners to cut down on the pesticides and chemicals we're feeding straight into the ocean.
  • Even better, make your own cleaners.  Baking soda & Vinegar are amazing!  Check here for some good recipes. 
  • Check your sunscreen ingredients.  Sea turtles are growing tumors in Hawaii, and it's finally been determined that they're most likely being caused from human interaction and the chemicals in our sunscreen.   Sunscreen is also causing coral reefs to become bleached- scary!  Can you image a day when we can't see those gorgeous colors in the water anymore?
  • Throw away trash so it doesn't end up in the Pacific Garbage Patch.
Ocean acidification is only one of the many issues our future generations are facing.  The deep waters are so precious to our lives, so let's all try to preserve them!

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