Friday, April 13, 2012

Ellen's Dance Dare!!

Everyone knows that Ellen is the queen of dancing- she can bust out a white hot move faster than you can say "dance dare!"  So when she began her dance dare challenges, it was only natural that Caty and I wanted to partake!  If any of you know me personally, you know that I love the bust into a crazy dance at any given moment.  So a challenge from Ellen herself to dance up behind people without their knowledge?  On it!

It all started with this video:
Andy Zenor, who works on Ellen's show, made a video of him dancing behind various members of the staff, including Ellen herself.  She loved it so much that she initiated a Dance Dare to everyone!    Here is one of the many videos that's been submitted:

You can check out a bunch more here.  It's totally worth it, I promise!

With all those videos in mind, and my upcoming trip to Portland last weekend, I wanted to make a video of my own!  And Caty at Modern Mommy was challenged to do her own Dance Dare as well, so we decided to team up and challenge all of you to make your own Dance Dare video!
Are you all ready for the challenge?

I went first and recorded some dances over the weekend:
DanceDare from Tim Gihring on Vimeo.

Did you like that?  It was sooo much fun to make!  

So now it's your turn!  If you're interested in joining up the dare, we've created a link-up for everyone!  Who knows, maybe one of us will end up on the Ellen show!  So grab our button and get dancin'!

And submit your link here: 

The challenge will end on Thursday, May 10th, when Caty and I will select our winner!  The prize? A $25 gift card to Target!

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