Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eating Large in Kauai

As a vegan, travel can sometimes be pretty difficult.  On the most part, I've been pretty successful when it comes to finding suitable meals on the go.  NYC?  Check.  London?  Check. Sometimes though, I get stuck in an amazing city like Paris that's difficult to find satisfying grub in.  I speak a little French, but was still left eating a ton of cheese that made me feel gross.

Thankfully, Kauai is much more vegan friendly than Paris or even their fellow Hawaiian island Oahu
*Sorry for crappy quality of most of these photos, most were taken with the Iphone!

Before we arrived in Kauai, we had a night to mingle like singles in the city (San Francisco that is).  And by that I mean we went to dinner, walked around getting soaked in the pouring rain, and then shared three glasses of champagne before going to bed at eleven.  Watch out guys, I'm pretty entertaining.
We stopped by Ananda Fuara, a great vegetarian restaurant with an emphasis on Indian food.  Their specialty is a meatloaf like dish called "Neatloaf" which was amazing paired with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.  Mmmm!
We split that and the roasted vegetable ravioli- I always get ravioli when I can!  We also both had cups of tea to warm up from the nasty weather.  I had a Yogi tea- an Indian style tea that is basically a chai latte without the black tea.  Yummy!  Tim drank a tropical green tea, which was also delicious.
And of course, we stopped by the Bubble Lounge to share some champagne (or three) and chocolate lava cake with caramelized bananas!

Kauai is a pretty tiny island with only 560 square miles, but they sure know how to eat fresh!  They have quite a few natural markets, and plenty of vegetarian restaurants along with vegan options at almost every place we looked at.  Even better?  They knew how to handle restricted eating with ease.  One night we grabbed a pizza to go after a super long day, and they didn't even blink an eye when we ordered it without cheese.  Instead, they just asked if the butter and Parmesan on the crust is OK with us.  And they definitely weren't the only place to ask!  Another night, at a tiny Asian restaurant, they asked if we wanted our fried rice without eggs- yes please!

We had our first great meal straight off the plane.  We swung over to Papaya's Natural Foods, a little health/grocery store that has a cafe and hot bar attached.  I was super excited to find a vegan Shepard's Pie (you know how much I love those!)
And you know we both enjoyed a pile of fresh pineapple!
We picked up a big container of fresh pineapple and mango from the side of the road that we devoured during the week!

Postcard's Cafe, a fancy place that serves locally caught fish and a bounty of fresh vegetables!  The menu changes every day depending on what they caught that day, and they have many vegan options available as well!  Their signature chocolate cake is even vegan- although I forgot to take a picture of it!  Check out this gorgeous salad we shared as an appetizer:
Another deliciously fresh meal came from Hanapepe Cafe, who also changes their menu daily depending on what's in season.  I had a delicious Greek salad with amazing hibiscus tea, and Tim had a Mahi Mahi melt.

We had brunch at a couple of places, one being Eggbert's to grab some banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup (because what else are you supposed to do in Hawaii than eat banana pancakes?).  They were amazing!
They also had freshly squeeze POG (Passionfruit, Orange, Guava) juice!  Omg!!
The other brunch came from Tutu's Soup Hale, which, you guessed it, serves a daily rotation of local ingredients.  We both had bagel/egg/fruit combinations with these crazy sour cherries that almost had a smokey flavor to them.
We continued our tradition of having a shave ice every day of our vacation, although one day it was actually banana-pineapple frosties, which is similar to ice cream but made entirely of frozen banana and pineapple!  Delicious!

And of course, not trip to Hawaii is complete without some Blue Hawaii drinks!
All that fresh food had me jumping for joy all week, but I'm happy to be back in Seattle with proper Thai food at my disposal!  Check out more of our travel adventures here, and stay tuned to hear about our awesome Kauai hikes!

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