Monday, April 30, 2012

Bedroom Blitz

Well, the day finally came!  Tim let me paint our bedroom!!!!


Before I reveal the "after" shots, lets revisit our old chocolate brown bedroom that we've loved for the last three years:

I set out looking for a great charcoal gray that would play off the medium greige in the living room, and after weeks of staring at tiny paint swatches, we settled on Behr's Premium Plus paint in Antique Tin- it's low VOC!  We grabbed a gallon of the paint plus primer in one because we were painting over a dark brown and would need optimal coverage.

Thanks to my awesome friends Alex and Lindsey, we were able to paint the entire room in about a half an hour!

Here's how it looks with the nighttime light:
I lightened up the dresser accessories and added a frame I bought from Ikea and spray painted many moons ago.

See the sad, lonely full length mirror leaning up against the wall?  I've been busy building a jewel box that will be hung and concealed behind the mirror!  I can't wait to show you all!
I love seeing the Gentle Tide from the hallway set against the deep bedroom gray!

The best part of the new color is that it somehow looks even darker at night, yet brighter and lighter during the daylight.  The bedroom is pretty good to go as is, but we will eventually be added crown molding and be replacing the curtains with something that matches a little better, and will be adding a map above the bed.  Lastly, I may re-do the painted wallpaper on an accent wall, but that remains to be seen!

The paint covered so well that now we have most of a gallon left of Antique Tin!  Guess I better find some more things to paint!


  1. Lovely! I'm on a painting kick right now (we just moved so we are painting EVERYTHING because we're crazy) so I love seeing what other people are doing! That color gray is gorgeous!

  2. Looks good, lady! Love the blue-gray color!

    Happy May!


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