Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

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I'm sickened by all the controversy over women's health care in this country. Has everyone forgotten the very principal of separation of church and state?  It's a terrifying idea that my life and my body are going to be regulated depending on the moods and current religious ideals of our political leaders.

Arizona's latest is that they can interrogate a female employee about their sexual activity, and fire them for being on birth control if her employer's religion is against it.  Seriously??  What kind of messed up bull is that!  And now there is a bill in Georgia that necessitates women to carry their stillborn child to these male politicians not understand how messed up that is to a woman?  Having to carry a baby who you'll never get to mother?  This is in additional to a Virginia bill that requires women to have a sonogram before choosing abortion.  C'mon guys get real.  If you don't want an abortion, then don't get one!  It's none of your business who else wants to choose that for themselves.  Alaska is even getting into the game with Rep Alan Dick saying that men should have to approve abortions.  Insert a photo of my gagging and rolling my eyes here. 

I'm sure many people just roll their eyes at all this and think, I'll leave it to those crazy liberals to get upset over this- but it's a huge freaking deal to me and none of it really even affects me at this point in my life!  But then again, since I'm a married woman, I guess I'm exempt from being called a slut by Rush Limbaugh.  Sorry Rush.  But this recent serge in attacks and the so called "bringing back religion" ideas are such a backward thinking, bullshit notion in today's world of long hard freedoms for women and minorities that have taken decades to fight for and aren't even real equality. 

You might have seen this article floating around Facebook, and it's a great summery of the whole fiasco.

Leaving for Kauai in TWO days!!!!  We're spending a night in San Francisco on the way over, and we're so excited!!  San Francisco was the first place we ever traveled together, and we're obsessed!!! 

I took my final on Monday, and have been enjoying a week of NO reading (at least in my textbook), NO quiz taking, and NO studying!!!  I am so excited to start my next class though- chemistry!!  In the meantime, I just spent all my Christmas gift cards to Barnes and Noble and am starting with an Omnivore's Dilemma!

Did you all have a great St Patrick's Day?  Tim and I woke up early to run the fun run in the rain and snow, and then did a little of this and that until we met some friends before the Sounders Game- first of the season!  Afterwards, we met up with some other friends for a night of festivities and ended up sleeping past noon on Sunday morning!

We saw 21 Jump Street last weekend- so.freaking.hilarious.  Definitely worth seeing!  And Mamma Mia was last night, also wonderful.  If you live in Seattle, definitely try checking it out before they leave town!

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