Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

23 days until Kauai!!

I think I might have pulled my shoulder out of my 8 times this morning alone.  OUCH!  I'm also super sore from weight lifting yesterday.  Feels sooo good! 

I'm worried about a close friend of mine :(

Last night we were going to go to a Sounders game with some friends, but they all ended up cancelling because of the predicted snow!  So we watched Nowhere Boy at Alex's and made Kale Pesto and Pear Kale Smoothies!

Just found out that the Hunger Games will be showing at Imax.  Wooo!  Tickets bought!

Tim's boss told him that's she's started the paperwork to promote him!!


  1. If you're worried about your friend, I think you should definitely tell him/her why you're worried. Better to do it now than wait and regret it.

    Woohoo for Tim's promotion and almost-Kauai!

  2. I love Imax!! We don't have any around here though! :( Definitely something I miss! Yay for Tim's promotion!! That's awesome!

  3. Oh Shauna, I am beyond excited that Hunger Games is in IMAX. I need to buy tickets...

    Anywhoo, I agree with Sar, if you're worried, tell them! It might be a little sucky now, but will most likely pay off in the end.

    I've missed reading your blog -- I can't wait to catch up!

    Keep Shining,


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