Friday, March 2, 2012

Through My Eyes: Mount Si

Trail Data:
  • Trail Length: 8 miles round trip
  •  Elevation Gain: 3700 ft
  • Highest Point: 4167ft
  • Location: North Bend, WA
Tim, Malena, Lindsey and I all headed up to this hike, which is located about 40 minutes from Seattle.  It's known as the hike in the area, claiming that most Seattlites will choose this one as their only hike of the year.

Knowing that, we were all expecting a nice gentle workout with fresh mountain forest air.  Even with the impressive stats from above, I wasn't aware of the intensity we encountered!
The trail head- Discover Pass required- starts at 700 feet and climbs very steadily the entire four miles to the top, with a brief mile long break in the middle where you (Tim) can enjoy some education signs about old growth forests.
Evidence of recent wind storms were scattered all over the nearby clearings

Shortly after mile three began, we started to hit snow and fog.  We weren't able to see beyond the trees anymore, and it even began to lightly snow!

There was a fun rocky hill to make our way over near the end
If you stepped one foot off the path, you sunk down a foot into the snow:
At last we finally reached the summit!  The point where all your hard work pays off with a gorgeous view of surrounding mountains and valleys, where you let your muscles wind down while finishing off your lunch.  This particular hike?  Not so lucky:
What we should have seen:
Photo from Deborah Richardson
Oh well, that's the price you pay for hiking in February!  We will definitely be back in the summer.  This trail is a great conditioning workout.  And we got to experience what we look like with an entirely white background!

Freezing our buns off!
There was some gorgeous frost among the plant life as well- take a look at those delicate icicles:
We made our way down the mountain as quickly as we could.  Our bodies were aching up the hizhou by time we reached the car.  The steep downhill climb puts a lot of stress on your knees and hips, so you have to be careful to warm up!

Here's the mountain from the highway on our way home.  It's nice to be able to pinpoint exactly which hill we climbed!
Have you connected with nature recently?  Where are your favorite parks to hit up?

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