Friday, March 30, 2012

Keep On Rockin Me Baby

Seven years ago, Tim and I made it official and...held hands!  You know, real hot and heavy for a cradle robbing 19 year old and a devilish 17 year old.  Well I finally let him kiss me (on the cheek, proof below).  Sometimes I even kiss him back!  But mostly, I make him sit across the room while he fans me with palm leaves and throws grapes in my mouth.

Here's a look at our past seven anniversaries, including one from our anniversary trip to Kauai this year!!

He's a great person to share the details with :)

Excuse me while we enjoy one last night of our trip with a bounty of Thai food!  Here's to seven more wonderfully weird, wild, and crazy years with you Cinnamonsation!


  1. You guys are perfect for each other and having a great time being together!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I want to move to Hawaii. I hope you guys had a fantastic time!


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