Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm lacking Vitamin D- Quick, Put a Smile on My Face!

It's no secret that I'm a total nerd, especially when it comes to health.  So when I was getting a physical recently, I kinda nudged my doctor to test my Vitamin B12 levels, because I was curious how I was doing.
I got my results in the mail last night, and was pleasantly surprised to find a whole slew of levels that I was tested for!  I was very pleased with my results- the major players iron, calcium, protein, and B12 were all great. 

The only area that I'm lacking in is Vitamin D- makes sense because I live in a cave of darkness called the Northwest and I didn't eat a handful of mushrooms every day this winter (mushrooms are the only natural vegan source of Vitamin D).  I tested at a 7 when I should be between 32-100 ng/mL. 

Most women are Vitamin D deficient, mostly likely because Vitamin D isn't present in very many foods.  After you eliminate the dairy products and fish, you're kinda screwed.  The other main way to soak in some D is the hang out in the sun, but apparently my pleads for global warming to warm up Seattle isn't happening quickly enough. 

Vitamin D is important because it accelerates calcium absorbing- although my calcium levels are fine...- and does something with "modulating cell growth" which sounds important.  But most importantly, low levels of D leads to rickets, and I don't want to be called Rickety Cricket any time soon

My Dr prescribed me to 50,000 IU of Vitamin D for the next three months.  Doesn't that sound ridiculously high?  The daily recommended amount is 200-600 IU depending on which website you're looking at, but I guess I need to really over-compensate to make up for my low levels. 

However, I hate taking artificial supplements for vitamins and minerals we should be getting from our food.  So what's a vegan to do?  I'll do my best to find fortified foods to consume, but in the meantime...looks like it's vitamins for me!

Have you had your blood tested lately, or ever? Any major concerns you had to address?

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