Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Year Full of Dates!

"A Year Full of Dates," or as I like to refer to them: 12 days where I force Tim to Hang out with me and act like Christmas just keeps on comin!

Monday was President's day for most of America- that is, everyone who's work is nice enough to give them the day off, aka not mine!  But I decided to say screw the man and take it off anyways (well Tim realized he had the day off, begged, and I mean begged me to take the take off too, then he got an invite to go snowboarding about five minutes after I had my time off approved). 

Anyway, Tim being the good guy he is decided he'd better keep our date day plans intact rather than wake the beast, so date day it was!
If you remember, for Christmas I gave Tim a year's worth of pre-paid, pre-planned dates, one for each month of the year.  Tim's really in touch with his X chromosome and loves date night, so what better way to ensure more of these fabulous times where he gets to hang out with me for a few hours?

I made 12 envelopes, and each month he opens up a new one and finds a date inside.  Then I make him jump for joy while we decide which day to go.   I feel kinda bad for all our other dates in a month, but they just didn't make the cut to have recognition in my blog!
In January, we went to this spa called Banya 5, where you can pay $20 during happy hour and go use all of their facilities like a hot tub, sauna, steam room, salt pool, etc.  After a delicious Thai lunch with Cupcake Royal dessert, we hit up the spa for a few hours and pretended we lived somewhere where the water was this hot all the time.  Global warming anyone?  I could use some up here.

This month's envelope contained tickets to the EMP so that we could finally get around to seeing the Nirvana exhibit.  We're both huge Nirvana fans, so why did it take so long to visit?  

We saw lots of artifacts, watched some videos in the Sky Church, and rocked out in the fake band simulation- which was ten times cooler when I was eight, FYI.  

But then we really got to get into our groove in the jam rooms where we battled to see who was a better drummer.  I won.  If winning means not carrying a beat for more than one hit.

After the EMP, we also had some discounted tickets for the Seattle Home Show, which turns out to be really boring unless you're in the market for some motorized chairs for your house.  So we blew that joint and headed out to visit Kurt Cobain's old home, where he was found after he committed suicide.

I was super stoked to finally be there.  I realized today that it was Kurt's birthday on Monday and we didn't even notice!  Good thing we went to visit his bench.  RIP Kurt!

For our May date, we did a distillery tour and a vodka/grappa tasting.  Let me tell you, not quite as fun as wine tasting!  They aren't allowed to give you anything to mix with it so we were just drinking straight vodka and moonshine type stuff!!

Saturday, Tim and I had another date day!  We went to West Seattle to rent bikes along the waterfront- I got a gift certificate long before Tim got a new bike and we fixed mine- and got some old school bikes with baskets in the front!

Caught me searching for a donut!
Ended up with vegan chocolate mousse!

Love this guy!!
So windy- check out Tim's hair!

Alki Lighthouse
See the Space Needle over to the right?

Hilarious graffiti
After a nice long ride, stopping for a tour of the Alki lighthouse, we grabbed some Thai food with a coupon I had :)!

OK, we only ended up doing a half year of dates really!

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  1. I am impressed with your creative dates! Unfortunately our date night usually consists of a restaurant and Redbox. I have recently pinned some new ideas, so hopefully I can step it up. Thanks for the inspiration! It looks like you had fun.


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