Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

"Honesty, Respect, Dance!  Those are the foundations of this family!"

Friggin dentists!  Right?
Edit: Sar talked about teeth today too!  Funny! 

On Tuesday I ran 6.55 miles!!  Halfway to my goal of 13.1 miles by the end of June for the Rock and Roll marathon!  I'm still in shock that I ran that far at least once in my life.   I've been working out a ton lately, and it feels great.  Very proud of myself! 

OK here's something I have way too many thoughts on: Glee.  I know I rant constantly about how Glee sucks now yet I continue to watch it (damn Glindry night- it's in the name (Glindry night is when I watch Glee, drink wine, and do laundry)).  At least now I have an excuse for watching- my mom's company rented some set decorations to Glee so I have to watch for them.  Anyway, thoughts on this weeks episode:  I thought I was really hate Stereo when it started and they had Sam do that stupid "Yeah!" but then I ended up enjoying it quite a bit- maybe because I got to see Lea Michele smiling the whole time.  Does anyone else feel like Sam and Mercedes is like watching paint dry?  Boring!  Next, why can't they give that Rory kid some good songs?  I don't hate him yet- who's not a sucker for a guy with an accent?  But I hate all those sh!tty songs they give him!  And wasn't that crazy timing for them to have Mercedes sing 'I will always love you' this week??  I just wish I got to hear Lea Michele sing it!  Lastly, I sure wish we got to meet Rachel's dads in the first season, when I would have been hyperventilating!  I still enjoyed them, but not with the same enthusiasm as I would have two years ago!  That night ritual scene was hilarious! PS- I just love Carol and Burt!  All in all, it was actually a pretty good episode.

I've been reading other blogs that talk about the importance of compromise in a marriage, talk about how it's hard work but worth all the sacrifice...and I'm left with one of two feelings.  1, Tim and I must have problems if we don't have any problems.   Maybe we should start fighting more.  2, If marriage is such hard work, sacrifice, compromise...then why do it?  That's your life.

OK I know, of course you have to compromise to make a relationship work, but I guess I just don't see any of the compromises Tim and I make worth a fleeting thought, not enough to be considered hard work.  Ohhhh honey is it really my turn to refill our wine glasses?  Woe is me!
Tomorrow I'm doing a mother/daughter night with all my best friends and our moms!  Italian food, kareokee, then my mom and I got a hotel room in the city and we're going to enjoy an awesome vegan brunch the next morning.  Can't wait!  Also, I may be super excited to finally get my hands on an electric sander to finish off some furniture!

I took Monday off from work because Tim has it off, so we're going to have our February date.  Can't wait.  I've been so busy this year I can barely think straight.  I miss having quality time with my husband! 


I'm having a fabulous hair day.  Just though you'd all like to know!


  1. Yay for the 6.55 mile run!! You will be super ready for that Marathon in June if you keep up at that pace!! It sounds super fun. I am running a 5k in April and have really enjoyed running and it makes you feel just so much better!

    Happy Thursday!!

  2. Six and a half miles?! You're a beast! Straight? So proud!

    I'm OVER Glee. Over over over.

    I think that you shouldn't question your marriage if you are both satisfied and communicate well. I mean, let's be honest, everybody's situations are different and work differently.


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