Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Edit: I don't know what's going on with my post on the bottom half!  

I'm linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts!

I've got a big hike planned with my two best friends and Tim this weekend!  And we're really going for real! Mt Si, lookout!

Did everyone catch Ellen's response to One Million Moms?  Good for her!  I'm glad that she and JCPenny's are sticking up for themselves!  I will definintely be shopping there in the future.  

Even Bill O'Reilly thought the demand was too much!  "You know you're wrong when you're too anti-gay for Fox!"

Did you all see that Congressman John Fleming got fooled by an Onion article that joked about Planned Parenthood opening an Abortionplex?  Hilarious!  I found a new favorite site that catches when people think Onion articles are real.

My friend Lindsey is joining my gym so I'll have a gym buddy!  I'm excited to pump some iron with her!

I really enjoyed this challenge to chefs to stop claiming sustainability until they can cook a great vegan meal.  Amen!  A vegan diet is the most sustainable thing you can do, and even eliminating one meal of meat a week does wonders.

I just found out that the Whole Foods near my work does punch cards for sandwiches, pastry items, and more.  Oh boy!!

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  1. Literally Unbelievable is one of my favorite sites too! The only problem about The Onion articles are that they propagate massive amounts of stupidity for people who don't understand it's not real. It's terrifying to think how many people are that ignorant!


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