Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

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I passed my math placement test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I realized on Monday that I needed to place above Math 98 to take either of the classes I want to take next quarter, and then realized that Math 98 isn't super simple math, but equivalent to Algebra II, which I haven't glanced at since oh...2003ish!  So I spent the week cramming and was pleasantly surprised when I placed into Math 141- Pre-Calc!  Whew!

Same-sex marriage, or marriage, passed the Senate vote in Washington on Wednesday!!!!!!!  Now it just needs to go through the House vote and then get signed by Christine Gregoire, but that's pretty much in the bag!  It'll take effect just in time for Gay Pride month!

Speaking of Washington, did you all catch my post about why I love Seattle?  Read it here!

Even with the great news above, I'm equally appalled at the Korman Breast Cancer foundation for cutting their funding for Planned Parenthood because they're under investigation.  Puh-lease.  And then today they decided to cut their funding to any company performing stem cell research.  Thankfully, Planned Parenthood has received $400,000 in the last few days from people relinquishing support to Korman and donating to Planned Parenthood instead.  The Decemberists have even decided to funnel the funds from their breast cancer awareness T-shirt to Planned Parenthood instead as well.

Lol.  More laughs.

Today Tim and I were finally able to do our January date from his "date-a-month" Christmas present!  We may have been a couple days late, but it was great to take a nice breather!  We went to a spa and spent a couple hours bouncing between hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, tepid salt pools, and back to the hot tubs!  It was so nice and relaxing, and a great way to unwind after my test this morning!  He also opened up his February envelop to reveal our future trip to the EMP to see the Nirvana exhibit (finally!)

Anyway, now that I can relax about my math test, I'm going to watch the cr@p out of all the TV I've missed this week!!  Glee is not off to a great start so far...that lame Bad recreation...after last week's horribly awkward Tell Me More...why do I keep watching this show...what happened to the hilariously dark comedy of 2009?


  1. Wooooohoooo for math tests! Way to be! Congratulations for kicking its ass.

    Also, my BFF from high school's dad (Jenna, she went to Bainbridge HS) used to be the director of EMP. Awesome, right? They moved to Cali a few years ago so he could open the Grammy Museum. He's basically just an awesome music man.

    Yay for PP support! I worked for PP for 9 months and it was glorious. I love the organization and everybody else included.

  2. 1. I love that you blog about something different. I love all the crafts, food, decor etc, but I really love when people talk about important issues without starting a battle ya know?

    2. I have to take the GRE next weekend, wanna do my math portion?

    3. I hope PP gets some support back, they should have all they need!

  3. Congrats on the math test, dear! That's pretty great, especially since it's been a while!

    I was thrilled to hear that gay marriage was voted through the Senate this week. A big step for WA! :)

    I totally didn't like Glee. Well, except for 'Smooth Criminal,' 'Bad,' and 'Black/White'. I do love me some bad-boy Sebastian. :)


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