Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starbucks Sunday

I have a problem.
I'm addicted Trader Joe's frozen chocolate crossants.  

I have a very good reason.  You see, they are amazing.  
I wouldn't quite say that it's like being in Paris, but it's pretty close.
For $3.99, you get a box of four crossants, which means a weekend of breakfast's for Tim and I.  And if you want to claim you can't have chocolate for breakfast, well stop reading, and I no longer want to be friends.  

You have to leave out each crossant for 9 hours, during which they'll plump up to twice their size.  Then in the morning, bake for about 20 minutes, and you have a freshly baked pain au chocolate!


Tim and I went to see Big Miracle on Friday.  I was planning on dragging him to The Vow, but thought that Big Miracle sounded better.  I'm very glad we picked that one!  It was great!!  I highly recommend it to anyone.  I heard The Vow was only so-so, so I'll wait until it's hit our favorite $3 theatre.  

Then on Saturday, Tim, Malena, Lindsey and I all went on a massive hike up Mt Si.  It's four miles to the top, with just under 4000 miles of elevation gain.  In other words, it was steep, and the top mile was freeeeeeeeezing!  To put that height in perspective, the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon to the canyon floor is only a couple hundred feet steeper than Mt Si.  I'll be posting more about the trail and hike soon!
After the hike, I surprised Tim with reservations at Anthony's Fish House, where he's always wanted to go.

Portabella Muchroom

Tim's gross murder meat
Then we came home and watched What's Your Number along with some Sophia Coppola champagne we've been saving for Valentine's Day!  V-day was just an excuse for champagne; we've been known to toast random Thursday because life deserves some bubbly every day, doesn't it?

Just another note before I go, I wanted to share something I've been seeing pinned over and over again on Pinterest.  Stick some green onion stems in water and they'll just keep on growing.  It's true, take a look:
 These were taken just a few days after I started growing them; I've already cut them off and grown more a couple of times.  I did the same thing with a leek, but since I don't use them enough it just goes bad.  Green onions though, totally works!  Woo!
Hope you're all enjoying your perspective Starbucks Sundays!

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  1. Oh, I'm going to have to try the croissants. They look amazing!

    Love your photos, as always! =)

    Happy Weekend, Shauna!


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