Monday, January 30, 2012

Why I love Seattle (and reasons we're cooler than your city)

I mean, look at it:

If that doesn't make your jaw drop, then you must be made of stone.  Or hate beauty.

1. Let's look at the landscape again.  See over there?  Mountains.  Gorgeous.  See over there?  City life.  Boom.  See over there?  Forest.  Nature.  Close by.  Wanna go for a hike?  Alright, be there in 30.  Wanna go lay on the freezing cold but totally sandy beach with gorgeous views of the Olympic mountains (from Golden Gardens) or of downtown Seattle (from Alki Beach)?  OK, let's do it!

2. Freshly ground peanut butter.  Ever heard of it?  Yeah, you probably have because it's not a Seattle-only thing.  If you haven't heard of it, get yourself to the closest Whole Foods and get some for yourself.  Only one of the Seattle locations has my particular obsession:  honey roasted peanut butter.

Yeah.  Honey motha f!ck!n roasted peanut butter.  It's the bee's freaking knees.  You can buy a big huge tub of it for like, $3, and then eat it all in one sitting with a pile of apple, fighting over who gets to lick the container after.  This may have already happened multiple times in the Kroeger-Gihring household.

3. Greenlake.  Feel like running 3.5 miles?  Feel like doing it outdoors?  Wanna do that while dog watching?  Better get yourself to Greenlake.  And after you've burned off those calories, keep on running to Greenlake Bar & Grill and enjoy some tasty happy hour.

4. Breweries.  Seattle is famous for their breweries (not as famous as Portland).  The beer is superb, the food is heavy and delicious.  Naked City Brewery is our favorite- they have a lot of vegan food on the menu but plenty of "normal people" food as well.
5. Vegan/vegetarian food.  I never have to worry about going out to eat in Seattle because 99% of the restaurants have at least one vegetarian dish on the menu, and they're good!  Not your standard old veggie burger- although everywhere has at least that!  

6. But more important than veggie food...Thai food!!  Oh my god.  Tim and I are literally obsessed with Thai food and would eat it every single day if possible.  Thankfully, we live in the teriyaki capitol...which totally just means we have ton of Thai food.  Scratch that, we just love Asain food.  You know you're from Seattle when you can articulately describe the difference between Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian food. 

7. Lenin.  We have a statue of Lenin in the neighborhood of Fremont.  Pretty weird?  Definitely!  Very Seattle?  Definitely.  We also have a troll.  Sup dude?

8. Soccer.  Now, I don't like sports, and I won't pretend I'm some sort of soccer fiend.  But, soccer games are the sh!t.  They're so energetic, fun, and full of skinny type lads that happen to be just what I like to look at- have you seen my husband?  Soccer body.  He also fit in really well when my best gay guy friend took us around to some gay bars in NYC.  Just sayin.  Anyways, soccer games are so much fun and all the cool kids love soccer.  It's a little theory I've developed when I learned that most of my favorite people prefer soccer over football and baseball.  I won't finish that theory so that I don't insult the football and baseball lovers out there. 
Tim's very enthusiastic

9. Damn liberals.  No matter what your political affiliation is, that's fine, but it only feels right to me to be in a place that shares my beliefs.  I love being surrounded by people who celebrate diversity and don't love to carry guns everywhere. 

10. On a completely unrelated (but oh so related), we're smart!  The list changes on every site you look at, but I'll choose this article from 2006 to showcase how Seattle is the smartest city in America.  Oh sorry, I mean we have "the highest concentration of brainpower."  But seriously, we always make the top ten list.  Maybe that's why everyone here loves to read.

11. The summer.  OK, Seattle has some amazingly gross weather sometimes, but it does not always rain like Grey's Anatomy makes you think it does!  I can count on one hand the number of times I've walked outside and it's pouring as many buckets as it always is in that show.  It drizzles.  Occasionally.  Seattle should be called the city full of gray clouds, not the city that's always raining.  And the summer...oh my gosh the summer is so ridiculously gorgeous that you forget those last nine months you spent sobbing over the ugly gray clouds.  Or as this hilarious guy says, "Those clouds were artificially pumped in because there were out-of-towners visiting and we didn't want them to stay."  Also, we have the most amazing skies and sunsets ever!  I've seen a lot of sunsets from a lot of areas in the world, but Seattle has the best.  I'm serious. 

12. Now I could also go on about the same things most people talk about in Seattle.  Pike's place market, sure, it's awesome.  But the Ballard and U-District farmer's markets are also open year round and easier to get through without the fuss and muss.

Or Starbucks.  Yah, Starbucks rocks my socks off.  But the best part about Starbucks is the way they paved the way for smaller coffee shops to open up all over the state.  If you've never tried organic coffee, you better find yourself some right now.  Organic coffee and organic tomato products taste sooooooo good.  Amazeballs.  So much better than non-organic tomato and coffee products.  But back to coffee...smaller non chain shops tend to have the best tasting latte's and drip coffee.  Yum!!
13.  And last but not least (because I have 18 more reasons but needed to stop talking eventually)....Seattle is home!  Nothing feels as good as landing down in the SeaTac airport and smelling the fresh clean air of the Pacific Northwest.  Because we freaking rock.  Now excuse me while I go check out the Space Needle from my window. 


  1. You left out all the musicals and plays here!

  2. I've never had that peanut butter! ...I must go there now!

    And agreed, Seattle's the bomb!


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