Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I'll be back in a bit with another recipe...or I might not be back until tomorrow so I can show you a new addition to our home!  Guess you'll just have to sit on the edge of your seat waiting!

Right now, I'm linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts!

This week's reading in class is all about water.  And it's as boring as it sounds!  But after sludging through the chapter, I got to the section about oceans and was reminded why I wanted to go back to school in the first place, oceanography!  I feel that everyone is aware of how important it is to protect our land (even if they don't do anything to help!) but not a lot of people give any thought to our oceans- which are just as important!  I don't want to give turtles tumors and suffocate the dolphins, so I only stick to natural/non-toxic sunscreen on vacation and anything else that goes down the drain at home!
Dolphins we saw during our trip to Hawaii

I've talked about how Washington is putting gay marriage, or, marriage, on the ballot soon.  Now a handful of companies have come out to show their support for the cause!  Nike, Starbucks, Group Health, and Microsoft- all Seattle based companies, have all said that they support same-sex marriage in Washington.  Woo!!  

I did our taxes, and we owe again!  I can't remember the last time I got a return...don't get married people, it's not really true what they say about getting tax breaks when you get married!!  We pay a lot more grrrrr!  At least we owe less than $200 this time as opposed to the $1500 we owed last year...(my work was barely taking any taxes out the year before for some reason so we owed a ton!).  I really thought we'd be getting a return because we paid way more into the system this year but apparently we've moved up a tax bracket without noticing a pay increase anywhere....hmmm?
Edit:  I am all for paying taxes!  I just hate how we keep owing no matter how much we have withheld each year!

Tim and I are going to finish building a piece of furniture this weekend!  I can't wait to share it with you!!  That reminds me, I need to go call my grandma and see if she has an old electric sander I can borrow/steal.

Malena and I signed up for a ballet class for the next three months!  I love it, it's slightly challenging without being un-enjoyable, and since it's not a drop in, we have to force ourselves to go!  Also, I went to yoga yesterday during lunch, and I did a big run on Tuesday, so I'm proud of my fitness this week!  I've gotta get my running mileage up before Lindsey starts lapping me...oh wait she already does!

I've decided that if Tim and I ever buy a real house, I want aqua shutters and a purple door.  Except I've always wanted a yellow door.  Or berry blue.  Hmm I better keep thinking. 

I've had We Found Love stuck in my head for three days....I think I finally got it out last night when I jumped over the kitchen counter while dancing to it, and now I have Good Feeling stuck in there!  Ohhhhhhhhhhh sometimes!


  1. Just think about all the good things your tax dollars are supporting: community outreach, public schooling, and better roads, yo!

    :) thanks for linking up!

  2. Ugh, we get money back on our taxes but it's because we have a child. Without the child tax credit this year we'd be owing for sure despite claiming single and no exceptions. It is absolutely ridiculous!!! But, I am totally one of those "smaller government" people and would much prefer to have less social programs, etc, and more money in my pocket to give towards non-profit organizations to help others.

    But seriously, why does marriage screw you so much? I told my husband we should have gotten married through the church but never made it "legal", we'd save thousands. I guess he's worth thousands, sigh.

  3. So happy to be your newest follower from Life of Love. I'm loving your celebrations of many different things from ballet, to great songs on your mind, to the endorsement of same sex marriages.

    So happy to find your blog and can't wait to come back and play. We think you'd like See Beautiful too!

  4. Popping over from Sar's linkup, and I wanted to say that we never really got money back tax wise until we had a kiddo. Even then, we're not getting the $5000 or $6000 that our friends get back--usually it's less than $2000 for us!


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