Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Tim and I went to see West Side Story last night!  It's the first of this year's Broadway Subscription shows that Tim and I have tickets for!  I'm going to be guest blogging tomorrow over at my friend Alex's blog so you can read all about it!

Even more exciting, we booked a trip to Kauai for spring break!!  I'm thrilled and can barely wait two and a half more months to go!! We totally lucked out, my mom let us have her companion coupon for Alaska Airlines, which knocked about $500 off the price, making it actually affordable!  We'll be checking out sea caves on the Na Pali coast, hiking in the Waimea Canyon, doing some yoga on the beach...bliss!

Have you guys seen this Tom Hanks clip?  It's his journey for Toddlers and Tiaras with his daughter Sophie. Hilarious!

I just watched the first episode of "Are you there, Chelsea?"  starring Laura Prepon and Chelsea was. horrible!  I'll probably watch the whole season anyways but ouch!

Trying to be a cool wife, I got some Star Wars Nerf guns to surprise Tim with.  We had one nice fight, but then every time I turned around there was Tim standing there with his Nerf gun pointed at my head....not cool Tim, not cool. Especially not after the 10th time!  So I tackled him, stole the guns, and hid them!

This article makes me want to punch that dad in the face.  Purple rocks!

This weekend Tim and I started watching Shameless, starring Emmy Rossum.  It. Is. Awesomesauce!!!  We're already addicted!!


  1. KAUAI! I'm so envious. To get to Hawaii from Texas, you actually fly out of (get this): Seattle. Shit. So needless to say, it's like, a zillion dollars to get to Hawaii. Mexico, on the other hand... ;)

    Nick and I got NERF guns (just tiny mini ones that shoot rather far) for Christmas in our stockings from my mother and they're awesomely fun. You probably just got too nice of guns!

  2. Oh man how I would love to be in Hawaii right about now... except maybe in my younger, skinnier, non-hugely pregnant body, of course. :)

    And husbands + Nerf = game on! Love it.

    And last but not least, I DID see the Tom Hanks take on Toddlers and Tiaras, and once I made sure he was joking I was rolling on the floor! ;D He is hilarious!!!

    Great to meet you, see you next week!

  3. Kauai? Ah, I'm jealous! I've only ever been to Maui & Oahu (when I lived over there). What fun!

    Can't wait to read about West Side Story. Such a good production! =)

    megs [at] Shine On

  4. That Tom Hanks clip is SO FUNNY! My whole fam sat around the computer & just watched it. Thanks for sharing. Love a good laugh.

    -Becky @


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