Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions, Resolutions

I promised to share some resolutions with you all today, even though I don't normally do resolutions.  These are more of a couple guidelines I've been trying to follow lately, but here goes:

#1: Crank up our condo's ability to limit waste, save energy, and reduce toxins!
Tim and I already do a pretty good job when it comes to living green.  Our carbon footprint is 21 tons of carbon emissions per year, which is less than half of the nation's average but twice as much as the world's average.  But we definitely still throw away a lot of junk.

If any of you haven't heard of The Zero Waste Home, check it out!  The Johnson family's quest to live with virtually no garbage leaving their home makes me want to drastically reduce our rubbage.  Even with our compost, garbage disposal, our commitment to recycling everything we possibly can, even keeping glass jars from food to re-purpose into soap pumps and collecting wine bottles to make decorative accessories, we still manage to fill up our garbage bag like every hour.  OK, maybe every few days, but it sure feels like we throw away a lot of waste for only two people who like living green.

So how can we eliminate more waste?  Buy food with less packaging for starters!  We already don't use those plastic bags when buying produce, something that I thought was really annoying to cashiers until our last trip to Whole Foods.  We had a big pile of plastic-less produce and both the cashier and the bagger thanked us for not bagging our produce and then proceeded to tell us about how many people walk through their line with a head of garlic in a plastic bag or other wasteful activity.
However, we do waste plastic bags when buying our bulk food.  Going forward, I want to start bringing our jars and asking them to weigh the containers beforehand so we don't have to waste those bags.  The only problem with this method is that we often go grocery shopping straight from work and don't tend to bring jars of brown rice and barley in our bags. 
Wasting water is a big problem of mine as well.  The whole five minute shower concept?  Totally lost on me.  This may be because our bathroom does not get all steamy and warm like all normal bathrooms do during showers!  And Tim said that putting a space heating in the bathroom is probably not a good idea for someone who once dropped her cell phone in the bath tub because apparently texting is a very important part of baths.  Whatever Tim!  Anyway, until I manage to get a heated towel rack, mini dryer, or space heater in the bathroom, I'm going to have to man the heck up and just jump out of the shower when I'm done! 
This also applies to running the facets.  I'm guessing the water doesn't need to go running at full speed for 10 minutes before it's deemed warm enough the grace the presence of my delicate hands that would rather be shoving my mouth full of chips (see resolution #2, below).  This habit of mine also drives Tim crazy, so I'll try to make an effort to stop doing this.  Just to clarify, running the water drives Tim crazy, not the mouth full of chips.  Although I've choked on my piles of chips more than once.  Hmm, such a lady.

We have a couple other water saving changes we want to make soon, which I'll blog about as soon as we do!

PS- Remember when I talked about how homes often have worse air quality than the outdoors, even in cities?  Guess what the very first thing my professor talked about during my first class back at college?  Yup, this same fact!  Studying up on environmental issues is a good reminder to keep the earth clean!  I'm excited to learn more and more!
#2: Eat less processed food
I am a chips whore.  It's my worse vice.  I can't quit a meal until I've eaten something crunchy, and I mostly like those crunches to come from salty crunchy chips.  Sure, I mostly eat organic baked chips, but it's not like organic chips are a superior choice over a non organic piece of produce!  Far from it!  Once, I had a carrot after lunch when I was in a pinch, and it actually satisfied my urge that day.  If I can get myself to try having a carrot or other crunchy health food instead of chips, I'll be golden!

One way I'm going to try to keep away from processed food is to try making more meals in advance, in big batches, so I can freeze extra portions and/or have a bunch of meals ready for lunches and snacks for the week.  Good thing I have my new Vegan Slow Cooker recipe book to help me!
Anyways, those are my two areas of focus for the year!  I wonder what my dear old husband is resoluting this year (and by old, I mean a whole 14.5 months older than me.  Can you believe that cradle robber?).  I think I vaguely remember asking him and him saying that he's too perfect to need to make resolutions.  Either that or finding a way to keep me occupied for longer periods of time so he can play his video games in peace without me putting a bunny on his head mid-game.  C'est la vie!

....Say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what I don't, say you're true, say to meeeee....ces't la vie!! 


  1. My Resolution is to get you to watch "The Game of Thrones". Trust me... It'll be like that time I forced you to finally read Harry Potter and you turned obsessive.

  2. I LOVE hot, long showers. It's alone time that I will never give up. Problem? It's freezing while getting out of the shower...

    $17 (or something like that at Target) for a small space heater that is small enough for any bathroom and heats rooms well


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