Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Painted Wallpaper: Morrocan Delight

Lookie what I did...
Now I've had at least two of my friends (both who work with me, maybe it's a data analyst type thing) come over, look at what I call "painted wallpaper" and insist I can't call it that because it doesn't involve paper!  I say, yeah, that's why I say painted wall paper dummies!

Anyways, I'm not getting into another 40 minute discussion over that again..

To make painted wallpaper, I used a template from here that I printed out and traced onto cardboard (keeping the paper one for corners and sides).

Then it was as simple as tracing the shape on the wall and then painting over the lines (sorry for the very weird lighting with most of these pics- bedrooms are super hard to light!  The brown is actually a very dark color).
I used chalk to trace because nothing else would show up on the brown wall.
Now with these first lines painted, I was like shaaawing!  Love it!  Omg, gorgeous!
And then, I finished! 
It actually wasn't as painful as I expected.  It took about two weeks to finish just because I had to work on it in random hour long spurts.  In reality, the project only took about 5-6 hours to do, which flies by during a Parks & Rec marathon!

I love the way it makes the curtains in the closet feel built in:

My favorite view is looking into the hallway from my bed and seeing the pale blue beyond the crazy brown:
Now that I've lived with it for close to a month, I've got to be honest..I'm not completely in love with it.  4/10 times I look at it, I think, that looks sweet!  Nice!  2/10 times I think, eh....too much, too much.  2/10 times I think, do I like it?  I'm not sure.  2/10 times I think, gosh that would look great on a charcoal gray background with lighter gray lines, a skinnier brush and bigger shape (which would equal more charcoal gray and less white). 

I definitely don't hate it though.  I could live with it for awhile.  I'm just that rare crazy breed that likes to fixate and obsess and once I start thinking something, all I can do is stare at what's wrong until I fix it.  And it really wasn't too hard to paint.  A couple Parks and Recreation marathons isn't so bad and I love to paint...

So...if I can just convince Tim we should paint our room charcoal gray, I'm sure I'll probably be up for repainting this paperless wallpaper.  Guess we'll see, right??


  1. I love this! I wish had the motivation to attempt something like this because my walls feel so boring right now. I could see myself getting halfway done and just stopping, and I don't think that would look good. I love grey, so I could see that being very pretty for a bedroom.

  2. It looks great! Even if you do paint over it eventually, it is fun for a time.

  3. I love this! Want t try it out small first like in our ugly powder room. It's bright orange right now and I have not done anything yet to update it, this will be a good thing to try. Beautiful work!


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