Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Colors, New Plan

Now that 2012 is off to a start, I suppose I'm supposed to make a list of resolutions I'll give up by January 5th, but I'm not going to do that!!  I'm not one for resolutions; I'm more of a when-I-feel-like-doing-something-different-I-just-do-it-unless-that-thing-takes-more-time-and-patience-in-which-case-I'll wait-anxiously-for-it-except-I-might-get-distracted-if-another-season-of-Keeping-up-with-the-Kardashians-is-added-to-Netflix-instant-watch.  But nevertheless, I do have a couple resolutions that I'm going to share tomorrow. 
In the meantime, I just took down all our Christmas decorations and discovered that there's more than two feet of space to walk through the living room when we don't have the tree up, I also decided that I really miss having a teal and plum color scheme like we used to have way back in the day.  When I added some pops of purple to our Christmas scheme, it reminded me how well plum and teal go together!  I still love having green and touches of natural elements, so I'm thinking something along the lines of these four color palates:

The great thing about having gray walls is that I can change the whole color scheme of the room with just a few swaps of throw pillows and vases.  Basically, the room already is filled with teal and green accessories, but I wouldn't mind working a little more purple into the room, along with some softer blues to compliment the deep berry blue I'm obsessed with- pretty obvious from my dining room:
This color scheme ties in perfectly with the game room , because I had always planned on introducing some baby blue/robin's egg blue to the mostly purple area, but never got around to introducing any!  It's nice having the whole place revolve around the same colors instead of trying to have a bunch of wacky and specific themes for each space, like I used to do.  It's more soothing, evokes a greater flow throughout the whole condo, and it keeps me staring at my favorite peacock colors!

And with the New Year full of new colors and inspiration, comes an update on our "to-do" list!

If you ask Tim, our list was completed a long time ago.  But if you ask me, there are eight new things added every time we cross something off the list.  Boys just don't get it, do they?  In fact, my secret to-do list has about 80 things on it, but I keep it hidden from my dearfully exuberant but easily overwhelmed husband and secretly ponder over each painfully intricate detail.  

But since every task is completed with just one foot in front of another, I've narrowed down my public list to just those that are super urgent to my well-being (the ones Tim already knows about!):

Condo To-Do List
(see a tour of our whole condo here):
Keep saving up for dark hard wood floors or eco/allergy friendly wool carpet (Figure out how to get neighbor deported to Canada so we can have the hard wood floors)
Living Room
Make a window valance
Replace sliding glass door blinds with vertical ones
Build a side table/laptop/electronic storage system for next to our couch
Buy a new rug for under the couch
Maybe...add sheer curtains on either side of the TV, ala:
Install new tile floor
I of course have some crazy aspirations in here that include adding glass door fronts to some cabinets, removing the cabinets above the stove to add a stainless steal exhaust surrounded by open shelving where our plates and bowls sit...but I don't see that happening anytime soon, if ever!  Note to self: start saving for a new house where I can install hardwood floors as I see fit, and where Tim would have no problem with me ripping out the kitchen cabinets.

Note: Tim, if you just read that, stop having a heart attack, I'm just kidding!  (kinda).

Install new tile floor
Retrofit the cabinets (at least mine) with deep drawers instead of what's currently there
Install a shower glass door
Replace counter tops with something not hideously beige

Figure out a good jewelry storage solution 
Replace shower tile with subway tile
Install crown molding
Wall of mirrors
Chalkboard wall?
Game Room
Buy a second chair and side tables/ottomans (aqua?)
Finish organizing all our outdoor gear and Christmas decorations in the closet

Convince Tim we should paint our bedroom charcoal gray, because charcoal gray is the new chocolate brown and we must absolutely be all over the latest trends, if we're to be featured on the cover of Better Homes and Garden anytime soon.
Paint room charcoal along with whatever wall techniques we decide on
Install crown molding
Replace chocolate curtains with charcoal ones/ones that match charcoal.
Build a big mirror for artwork above the bed

Hmm...the narrowed down list doesn't look all that small, huh??  No wonder my husband thinks I have issues...
*All images are from Pinterest*


  1. Oh my gosh..I can't wait to see how this turns out!! When I have my own place, I hope I can afford you :)

  2. It scares me to think there is a bigger list out there somewhere. May it never be found by me!


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