Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me!

Happy New Years!!  Did everyone have a great holiday?  Tim and I, along with five of our friends, hung out at an English pub as we awaited midnight.  It was the perfect night catching up with my oldest friends!  Today I've been hooked on Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?"  It's so hilarious!   I also had a nice massage after hanging out with some friends for board games!

But back to Christmas, I wanted to show off some of my gifts!  My blog centers around food and home, so I thought I'd highlight some gifts related to that theme!

But first, let me share what I put together for Tim for Christmas!  I've mentioned before how much he loves going on dates, so for Christmas I adapted an idea I saw on Pinterest that would be perfect for him!  

I gave him 12 pre-planned and mostly pre-paid dates for the next year!  Each month, he opens an envelop and it contains all the info for that month's date!  He got to open's January's date, which is going to be the two of of hitting up an urban health spa (Banya 5) for some relaxation in the whirlpool and steam rooms.  Can you tell I've been in the mood to chill out lately?  Chill out and warm up in a hot tub!

Back to me (as I like to keep it), here are my presents!

Food wise, my mom gave me the Vegan Slow Cooker, which I'm super excited about!  It's pretty hard to find slow cooker vegan recipes online, but now I've got a crap ton to try!
 My grandma got us a food processor!  It'll be so nice to replace the tiny $5 one I bought three years ago!
 Tim's mom gave me a pasta maker!  It'll be fun to try out some different pasta recipes and pretend like we're in Rome again!  Chianti, anyone?  Don't mind if I do!
 On the home front, the first gift I received was from my fellow blogger friend Lindsay at my Christmas party! It's an all natural room freshener!  It smells delicious, and it fits right in with my mason jar obsession!   She also gave me some delicious energy bites that I've been snacking on at work all week.  So yummy!
 My mom got me a Gorilla Grip Tripod for my DSLR.  I already have one of these awesome gadgets for my normal point and shoot, but this one is bigger and sturdier!  Great for travel!!
 My mom also got me a new hand vac to vacuum up bunny hair and other precious little presents those monsters leave me everyday!  Good thing they're freaking adorable!  I love that the vacuum is cordless, so I don't have to worry about keeping it away from the cord obsessed rabbits!
 My aunt and uncle got us this gorgeous bowl from Crate and Barrel!
 Tim's sister got me this soy candle with the best name ever- Naked in the Woods!  It smells great, and I love that it's soy!
 She also got me a mug that I can draw on and then bake to keep it permanently on!  I've started drawing a cityscape on it!
 My friend Gemma brought me the most adorable yellow pom garland!!  It's so bright and cheerful!  I'm in love!  PS- Tim:  I don't see why hanging this across the TV isn't a perfectly acceptable way to display it.  I mean, how else am I going to get to enjoy it all night long while we watch TV??
 My aunt sent me this adorable recycled journal that was made out of an old book!  What a cute way to make lists in an eco friendly way!
 I'll be back soon to show you all the DIY projects I made this year!  But for now, it's movie night!  See, we made it official!


  1. That's crazy! My brother & his wife got a pasta maker and that same food processor!
    I made my own pom garland and hung it above our TV, lol.
    Love the date night idea!!

  2. Just wondering how much the 12 pre-paid dates cost? Our anniversary is coming up and I'm needing some ideas. (;

  3. The dates can be tailored to your budget easily! I only paid for the first six months worth because I didn't want to spend too much at the time, and it cost about 175 for those. Make sure to check out living social, groupon, etc, for good deals!


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