Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY Christmas Presents

I know Pinterest has gotten crazy popular in the last few months, so I barely need to ask this, but: how obsessed are you with this site??  I've always loved crafts but I haven't really made much since childhood until I started seeing all these awesome craft ideas on Pinterest!

For Christmas this year, Tim and I needed to stick to a strict budget, so DIY presents were definitely up my alley! I was trying to avoid the whole, 'Hey mom, here's a macaroni frame I glued myself' aspect of making presents. Thank goodness I found lots of inspiration from Pinterest! My mom may actually love everything I've ever made, but it's nice to see I've finally progressed beyond the reindeer ornaments made of out clothespins that are all over the back of my parent's Christmas tree.

My favorite present was made for my parents, grandma, granny, aunt & uncle, and Tim's parents.  Inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest, I literally spent months digging through pennies, begging all my co workers and friends to let me sort through their coins, in order to find pennies from the year that everyone's families were born! 

Then, I got the tiniest drill bit I could find and went to town on those 33 coins!

And voila!  Penny key chains!  For the parents and aunt & uncle, I used a nickle or dime for the year that they were married and officially "started" their family.  Then I found pennies from the years that everyone in the family (parents and children) were born.  Then I wrote "Lucky us" on this cheap little label that came with the key chain.  Note to parents:  You can totally get rid of the paper charm!  It's just a placeholder!
For the grandparents, I gathered pennies for all their children, children-in-law, and grandchildren

I am still on the lookout for a couple more pennies from 1959 and 1960- apparently they don't exist here in Washington!  

The next project I don't have an "after" photo for, but I wanted to make this frame for my baby cousin. 
So I scoured Goodwill for an interesting looking frame.
Then I took out the backing and glass, and cleaned the frame up nice and shiny like.
Since Sophie has a lot of pink stuff already, I decided to get some pink yarn to wrap the frame in, and then paint a wooden S with blue paint and blue glitter.  I purchased the wooden letter at a craft store, FYI!
...And that's the last photo I took, but it looks just like this original project (except with a glittery blue S and pink yarn!)
Next, I also loved these painted pots I saw on Pinterest.  I think you all know how obsessed I am with chalkboard paint!  So I grabbed a bunch of pots from Home Depot and painted them all! 
I of course didn't even think about the fact that we live in Washington, so hopefully the weather doesn't destroy these suckers...

Finally, last but not least, I made a couple chalkboard frames as well!  My mom and sister-in-law received frames like the one I made myself.  My mom heard that I was making one for Gina and demanded one of her own as well!
So there you have it!  How to get through Christmas on a budget!  Your living room/craft area may be littered with glue guns, yarn, and paint for weeks, but by golly you made it with love!


  1. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these 3 things you made for me!!!

  2. These are great! Your blog is inspiring me to start again!
    -Mary :)

  3. We loved and appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into the gifts that you created. When I share the key-chain with others they seem a little envious. FYI, the pots got a little wet the other night during the deluge we had. They are just fine

    Love ya,

  4. What fun presents, Shauna!! Love it!

    Happy New Year!

    megs [at] Shine On

  5. What an absolutely fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing and showing how you drilled the coins too.
    PS = new follower too!


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