Monday, December 5, 2011

We just got Sar's Christmas card in the mail (along with our own, yay!), and it's so fun!!

It came with a Mad Libs that Tim ripped out of my hands, yelling "Mad Libs!! Mine!  I love Mad Libs!"

So, here are his answers:

"Greetings, Awesome family!

I dance you a Merry Christmas and a pretty New Year!  It's time for the yearly wrap-up of Shauna's life, which I'm sure you all wait for in anticipation.  In 2011, I walked a Bachelor, which means my parents are clapping in cheesy joy that it only took me 7 years.  Don't worry, I only have two hours left!  In other news, I'm still dating Justin, living in Las Vegas with Emma, the fattest bunny in the world.  It's been way too funny in Kansas, but it's finally starting to feel like summer.  Wishing you a funniest holiday!

In happiness,

Sarah (Your fav. blog bestie!)"

Loved the card Sar!!  I finally get the Team Salt Lake now that I know Nick's last name!  Duh! :)


  1. Bwaaaaaahahahaha GLORIOUS! I love this. Thank you for making my life!

    (And yes, Nick's last name is Saltarelli! Team Salt Lake for the win!)

  2. Also, Tim's enthusiasm and your blog post = why I love you two.

  3. ha, i love this! i'm going to fill mine out today. =)

    megs [at] Shine On


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