Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tray Redesign

Before I reveal my new dining area, I wanted to show you all a little makeover I did on a $5 serving tray I picked up from Benjamin Franklin a few months ago.  I couldn't quite decide what I wanted to do with it for a long time but knew I wanted to paint it white- it was unfinished when I purchased it and I forgot to take a before picture apparently!

Eventually I decided to wallpaper the bottom the bottom with paint chips, so I picked up a bunch of Behr saturated colors paint chips while at Home Depot one day.
I arranged them in a gradient arrangement, switching them around until I found a pattern I liked.  Then I slowly moved them into the tray to see what it looked like.

I really liked the arrangement, but I wish I had more paint chips from the left side, the greens and teals (I picked up all the had of those at the time but they were running low).  I was too lazy to actually glue the paint chips down or do anything else, so for awhile I just used the tray as is.
But after a few weeks, I still hadn't gone back to Home Depot for more paint chips, and by that time, I decided I wasn't in love with the arrangement anymore.  I was looking to make our table a little more Parisian inspired, so that we could pretend that we were eating in a little cafe in Paris every time we sat down to eat.

So...stripes!  I had some leftover greige/beige paint from when I was trying to select a new paint for the living room- I painted a plant pot with it here.  

PS- here's what the tray looked like after being painted white, but before being prettified. 

After I decided on stripes, I proceeded to tape off the stripes to paint them.  I didn't use any sort of measurements, I just eye balled it and made pretty evenly sized stripes.  They didn't need to be perfect because they would always be covered up, and imperfect lines help make it look a little more vintage and roughed up.

Then after a quick couple coats of paint, I peeled off the tape while it was still wet and had this beauty:
Exactly what I was hoping for!  The final step in the tray makeover was to slap on a protective coating to keep it looking pretty and safe to use food on.  I used the same sealer from when we were refinishing our table.

Voila!  A $5 tray and a $0 makeover because I had all the supplies on hand!  And now, since I started decorating for Christmas almost a month ago, here it is with a little reindeer buddy, a succulent, and a pile of pine cones (a couple of those pine cones and gold and shimmery!).

One last pic, even though it's blurry:
Anyone else have some makeovers to share?

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