Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season to be Jolly!

You probably spied some Christmas decorations in yesterday's post about our new dining room.  Well, you'd be right!  Our decorations are just about all up, and I'm here to show you the progress so far!!  I'll update with a few more pictures later in the month as well!
Our Christmas tree is filled with snowflakes, silver, green, and gold ornaments, and a couple friendly animals.  Oh, and white lights!

Now for the mantle:
I grabbed a bunch of greenery from the bushes outside to place with my decorations.  Here are some close ups:
I got these stockings from Etsy after seeing them on Pinterest.  Aren't they amazing?  The seller even included two additional labels that say "Shauna" and "Tim" in case I ever want to switch them out!
Our gallery wall in the entry way now has some silvery garland with bright green glitter bows hanging over each frame.

In the dining room, I have my pine cone and reindeer centerpiece,

And on the side cabinet, I put a mini tree and piles of ornaments

I took some mason jars and filled them with epsom salt and white votive candles for a pretty snowy display.

On the back wall where the sliding glass door is, I hung up a bunch of silver glitter snowflakes beneath some more silvery garland.

In the rest of the rooms, I don't have as many decorations because we aren't in there as much!  (Plus, I like putting all the good stuff in the living room).

In the game room, I hung up some white string lights behind the sheer white panels for a glowy, magical effect.
I also put a silver tealight holder Christmas tree in the game room, but I put mini teal ornaments in the hands instead of candles.
I picked up this figurine at Walmart last year because I thought it was hilarious, it's a black baby Jesus!  I'm not religious at all, so this is mostly for my own entertainment.
In the bathrooms, I put all the red decorations we have.  I'm not big on red, but around Christmas I get drawn in with the bright cranberry red colors...but it literally doesn't match anything else in the condo!  So into the bathroom it gets stuffed!

In the kitchen, I hung some Dr Suess type ornaments above the sink
Here's how the place looks when we come home at the end of the night:
Oooh, magical, huh?

Alright, what do you guys think?  Lets see some more decorations posts!


  1. Looks great! I totally made those same Epsom salt candle holders from Pinterest! Great minds! ;)

  2. Girl! You're a master decorator! It looks awesome. =)

  3. It all look great. I especially love your woodland creatures and peacock feathers.


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