Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sneak Peek: Bathroom Remodel Step 2: Floors

OK, I don't have anything official for this post, but I have an exciting next step in our bathroom remodel.  Shopping a lot has finally paid off in the form of Home Depot gift cards, which we used to purchase three boxes of peel-and-stick vinyl tiles.
They aren't installed yet, so no happy news there.  But they're sitting in our bathroom, waiting to be installed as soon as the Christmas season has subsided!  These floors were on my checklist to get done before our annual holiday party, but they ended up just not making the cut when it came down to it.  The reason?  Because we plan to grout them.   Yup!  

These tiles are grout-able, which means we can make them look almost like real tile floors.  But that does mean a bunch of extra work that we don't have time for in the next few weeks.  

We planned on doing big updates to our bathroom this fall but haven't done a single thing to it, because saving money proved to be a harder task than planned, what with me going back to school in conjunction with my work cutting back on overtime hours. 

If you look at my previous bathroom post, you can see that we were planning on finding new vanities before installing the floor, but I've decided that if we ever get around to customizing new vanities out of old dressers, it's going to be too far down the line to wait.  Our cabinets are fine as is, but I would love to figure out how to make over the current drawer and cupboard situation and turn it into a deep drawer situation. 

But back to the tiles.  These tiles are slightly different than the ones we had chosen prior to actually making a purchase.  While at the store, we went to go buy the cool gray, only to be suddenly wood by the concrete style instead.  I am so happy we picked them, because look how pretty:
 Here are the tiles we chose before (the gray ones):
I know it's pretty impossible to tell the difference, but it's an important difference to me.  The concrete design is more straight and the cool gray are more swirly.  Even better, here's the link to the cool gray tiles at Home Depot, and here are the concrete ones.  On my screen the concrete look way darker, but they really are the same color.

But anyway, I laid out a bunch of tiles to get the look right when we got home, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Now if I can just ignore our ugly carpet that I despise, I'll be all set!

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