Friday, December 30, 2011

Jargaritas & Co.!

I will be back soon to tell you all about my Christmas; I'm very behind with uploading pictures!!  Good thing I've got a three day weekend this weekend!

In the meantime, I'm sure I've already told you plenty about our Christmas Party with all the recipes I shared (here, here, and here).  In this last party related post, I've got details on the most important party detail: the drinks!

This year we had a bunch of fancy drinks!  Thanks to Pinterest, my friends and I all wanted to try some new recipes we've found on the boards, and my mom brought her champagne punch like usual, leaving a second batch for the "kids"!

The first thing we made were peach Jell-o shots in lemon rinds!
All you do is cut the lemons in half, make the jell-o shots (we replaced half the liquid with pear vodka),
Pour into the rinds, allow to cool completely and then cut into slices!

Yum yum yum!!  Peach with pear vodka makes an excellent combination, FYI!

Another fun drink we made were Jargaritas!  We borrowed a bunch of mason jars from Tim's mom, and painted a chalkboard label on them so guests could write their names.  Then, stealing the idea from My Drunk Kitchen, we made margaritas in the jars!
First, I sliced up a bunch of limes, threw them in each jar and muddled them.  Then I poured 3 seconds worth of triple sec and 6 seconds worth of tequila in each jar.  I don't like using pre-made margarita mix because it's full of nasty chemicals, and making drinks is actually very easy!  You just use a 3:2:1 ratio!
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the after, but I threw them in a drink tub that I borrow from my mom every year (she uses it on Thanksgiving, then I take it for my party and bring it back on Christmas for her to use again!) with a bunch of ice, and people could scoop ice in their jar, shake it up, and have a margarita on the rocks!

Suggestion for anyone trying this:  Don't bother keeping the jars in the tub!  The submerged jar's paint wore off/got too soggy to use, so the labels were worthless! 

Last but certain not least, we have a Honeycrisp Apple Sangria that Lindsey brought!  It was freaking delicious!  We learned that apples soak up alcohol really really really really well- especially when this punch had been sitting around for two days!  She got the recipe here!
My friend Alex also brought some Chocolate Strawberry Shots, which were...interesting!!  We pulled the idea from Pinterest (here), but they didn't go over so well!  They couldn't unfreeze or the chocolate would melt all over, but who wants to eat a frozen strawberry?  They were yummy, but very messy!!
Photo from here
Last but not least, just for my own personal giddiness, I added orange and lemon slices to the water pitcher for some water with a kick!  Yummy!
What drinks have you all found to be a hit at parties?  I usually make sangria but didn't in favor of Jargaritas this year!


  1. You mean you're supposed to replace the liquid with liquor for jello shots. doesn't mean you did.


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