Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Party 2011!

Ay yi yi!

I've been so swamped this week that I've barely had any time to give some love to my blog!  I have projects-a-plenty to update on, but first, I wanted to share some photos from our Christmas party this weekend!

It was a double decker event, starting with a family get together that included our parents and grand parents, my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and we also had Malena's and Lindsey's parents over!  I've known my friend's parents for over ten years, so they're practically family!  We ended the night with most of our friends over to celebrate with jargarittas and lots of catching up!

Here are a few shots highlighting the party decorations and food.  I'll follow up this post with recipes for each item!

I also added a bunch of purple ornaments to our tree and scattered around the room.

All the girls!
Has anyone been attending any good holiday parties?  Looking forward to Christmas next Sunday?  I sure am!  

I'll be back soon with some yummy vegan recipes and a few exciting home improvements!  Painted wall paper anyone?  Framed bathroom mirror? Stayed tuned for details!

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  1. Everything looked so nice! I love the mother/daughter picture too!!!


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