Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Crafts: Glitter Ornaments

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it's time to make way for Christmas!  OK, I wont pretend like I haven't had my Christmas tree up for almost a month now.  What's the point of taking out all the decorations if I don't get to enjoy it for awhile, right?

Anyway, back to the point of this post, Pinterest has supplied me with lots of DIY ideas for the Christmas season this year.  First up?  Glitter ornaments!  
They couldn't have been easier to make.  I just bought glitter and clear ornaments from the store, and used some glue I already had on hand.
Mix the glue with some water and stir until it's a nice watery texture.
Pour a little into an ornament, swirl around until it's completely covered, and dump any excess back into the glue container.
Next, pour in some glitter.  Use more than you think you need, because you can dump out the excess
Again, just swirl it all around until it's completely covered.  You can even cover the opening with your finger and shake it up!
Voila!  Glitter without the mess!
With the 8 pack I purchased, I made two silver/gold's, two purples, two greens, a silver, and Tim made a blue one!  Next year, I'd like to make a lot more of these so I can have more of each color.  I had a few other ideas for clear ornaments, mainly putting peacock feathers in them, but I didn't buy enough!  Maybe if I happen to be buy a craft store soon I'll buy more, but I have to actually make quite the trek to get to a craft store!

I'll share the rest of my Christmas decorations soon!  How is everyone else's decorating going?


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