Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Turn and face the strain! Ch-ch-ch-changes! Oh, look out, you rock and rollers! Anyone? Was I the only person who used to listen to Changes and (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame every single morning of high school while I got ready for the day?   I sure hope not! 

Anyway, this weekend my blog earned itself a nice little face lift- it was nearing three years on the old internet, and I didn't want my little baby to start getting wrinkles!  So, with the help of my mom, we gave life.love. a makeover!  What's changed?  Unfortunately I completely forgot to take before photos, so I'll just tell you!
  • Background.  Now you'll see a nice burlap stripe image or alternating gray and white.  I love love love gray, especially in my own home.  I also love stripes and I have recently become obsessed with burlap. 
  • Header.  Now it contains my three favorite colors: teal, plum, and kelly green.  These are the colors that I use 95% of the time when decorating my home, so I figured it only made sense to use them as the introduction to a blog that's half about condo decor.
  • Pages.  I've switched up the pages up there ^.  The new additions are: The Awesomes, an "about me" sort of page, Project Gallery, which contains a list of craft and DIY projects, and a new travel page that I'm not quite ready to reveal.  Check them out and let me know what you think!
  • Blog button.  Over there =>!  My old blog button had me wrapped in a bright pink feather boa, and while that's a great reflection of my personality, the colors didn't match my new layout!  So new blog, new button!  Grab one for your page!
  • Favicon.  It may not be showing up quite yet for everyone, but it went from being a green "S" to being a purple flower (the same one from the header).
  • Social network buttons.  Jumping off from the burlap background, my social network buttons are now simpler, a better match to the blog, and more eye pleasing.
What do you guys think?  A big thanks to my mom for helping me tinker around in Photoshop and putting up with my 18 drafts of everything!


  1. Looks great, Shauna!! I just love it!

    Happy New Year (in a few days)!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  2. It looks great! Love me some burlap, stripes, gray, and teal.


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