Monday, November 28, 2011

Refinishing a Table: Step Three

After the disastrously staining process from Step 2, Tim and I were left with this beauty to work with when we attempted to salvage the table to our liking:
Of course, it looked great in pictures, but it just wasn't a looker in real life- at least to me!  So since our last attempt, I've been brainstorming ideas on how to keep the wood look on the table but even out the color.  My options were pretty much trying to go with a super light application of paint and hoping that it wouldn't cover too much- but with my heavy hands, I wasn't counting on that technique.

Then while we were at Ikea, we noticed their little display of paints colors, demonstrating how translucent each layer is as you apply it.  Then we saw that the paint was actually called paint glaze, and I just knew we had a winner.  

After scouring the internet and trying to find a tutorial for what I had in mind, it wasn't until talking to a co-worker who has experience in glaze that I finally found my answer.  I could buy a can of glaze at the store and mix it with as much paint as I wanted to create a sheer coat of paint.  Sounds perfect, right?  I was still nervous that it wouldn't turn out nicely and that I would just have to re-paint it again, but it was worth a shot, right?
So we gathered a bunch of paint samples, and found a couple that matched both the existing table color and the color we wanted it to be, and then we headed to the store to buy the paint sample and glaze.

And then we had an epiphany.  When we arrived at the store, thinking about the headaches we were about to endure while trying out a new paint technique without knowing if we'd like it, we just stood in the middle of the paint section at Home Depot, looked at each other, and at the same time, went, "Spray paint?"  

So that's how we ended up scraping the whole glaze plan and came back with a couple cans of toxic, disgusting spray paint (that I seem to have no qualms about spray indoors if it gets me the results I want!).  It was almost like we had just came up with this fantastic idea- spray paint?  On old furniture?  Genius!  Why didn't we think of this super cheap and super easy method in the first place?  Of course, we were trying to keep the project in line with the environment and avoiding asthma attacks on my part, but we figured that with our special sealer made of whey and our completely non toxic stripped, the spray paint evened out our carbon footprint on this project. 

Anyway, back to the table, we gave it a light sanding because we applied a thin coat of sealer before we left last time.
Then, we used some spray primer to lightly coat every surface.

We choose Rust-olem's Ultra Cover spray paint in Dark Walnut, because it was the closest match to shelves we have hanging next to where the table will be.  
 It only took a can and a half to cover the entire table in two nice coats.  At only $3.88 a can, what a steal!

It's so incredibly hard to take pictures in the weird lighting of a garage, with multiple lights shining down onto the wet, shiny surface, so forgive the lack of quality pictures on all these table posts!
We ended up taking the table home the same weekend, since it was dry enough to handle in 24 hours.  Because our sealer is completely non toxic, we wanted to apply it at home and save us another trip home.
Here is the table in it's dried glory, next to the shelf that we chose the color from.  Isn't it a perfect match?
The next step was sealing. This particular sealer needed to be applied in three thin coats, and sanded in between each application.  It would then take an entire week to completely cure (which means to heal, seal, harden, be ready for use).

It took three days to finish each application, and tomorrow will be the 7th day of waiting for it to cure, and we can finally start using our table for real!  As soon as we get the dining area set us, I'll post with the final table reveal!


  1. It looks GREAT! I was worried after the staining, because it didn't look like what you wanted, but this looks soooo good Shauna! Love it!

  2. Can't wait to see it in the room. Sounds like it has been a labor of love.


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