Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Couch!

Tim and I bought a new couch!!!  
It's a charcoal colored Karlstad sofa from Ikea, a chaise and armchair combo.  I'd love to have more pieces to make into a sectional, but our current living space is just too small for a bigger couch.  That's the price you pay to live in the middle of the city, and Tim and I would rather live in the midst of the hustle and bustle and have a small home instead of living in the suburbs and having a bigger home.  But, that's just us!  

Anyway, the great thing about this couch is that we can always buy more pieces to expand the couch to fit our needs as we move or rearrange, etc.  We can also buy a new cover in a different color if we ever get sick of this one!

The thing came in a bunch of boxes for us to put together- I'll admit, this was one of the most difficult pieces of furniture I've assembled!

I wont go through all the installation because it's just a bunch of boring Ikea directions!  I had the elephant we bought for my baby cousin help Tim though!
Pretty soon, we had ourselves a new couch, minus the legs!  I am redoing them so we just hung out on the couch for a few days leg-less.

Then I installed the legs after giving them a makeover (you'll see more tomorrow), and raised the couch about six inches.
Right now our side table situation is sort of in limbo.  We briefly moved the entry table into the nook to act as a side table, but once we got the couch in there, we decided it would look a lot better with just a small side table.  But, we've also got the playstation out here that doesn't reach quite far enough to have a small table near the couch.  We'll have to figure out what to do with that, but in the mean time we've just placed an old dining chair next to the couch to act as a side table.

As for the rug, I've always been in love with it, but it looks too small for the space, so I will probably keep my eyes pealed for a green or blue one that we can layer underneath to really expend the whole seating area.

This is my new view from the couch!  Looks a little high in this picture, but the TV is at a much more comfortable watching height now! 

Even the bunnies have found a new space to hang out!


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