Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mounting a TV Like a Candian Mounts the Back of a Zamboni

 Psst- did you catch the last half of my Vlog yesterday?  It's been posted!
I was really hoping to share the details of making a bubble chandelier today, but yesterday I ran into a brick wall and that will just have to wait.  I've been waiting to make it for a whole year, what's a few more weeks?

Anyway, on Friday I promised you a little tutorial during my Living Room Shuffle post- and here I am with the steps!

First, you have to decide where you want the TV.  The wall bracket (the metal grid looking thing that goes on the wall) needs to be screwed into a wall stud for maximum security, and finding where to hang it is crucial.  As I showed you when we rearranged our living room, we were moving the TV onto an entirely separate wall.  So, we borrowed a stud finder from my dad and set to work on finding where we were going to install the TV.
Now, it's not entirely important that the bracket be screwed in exactly in the middle of where the TV is going to sit on the wall.  You can slide the TV back and forth a little to get it just right. 
Studs are usually located every 12-18 inches, and a stud finder is just a simple device that starts beeping when you've found one.  You literally just slide it over the wall while holding down a button and when the flights start flashing, you've found your stud.   For the wall bracket, we needed to find two studs next to each other.  After finding the studs (and marking it clearly!), it's time to put up the support.  Or, for us, time to take it down from its old spot.
After we took it down, we measured how far down we had installed it before, just to get a frame of reference of how high it would be hung on the other wall.  The TV was always a little too high for us, and since we'd be sitting just as close, we were happy to bring it down a few inches.  We ended up installing it four inches lower. 

Measure to find the approximate height for the bolts,  then use a level to draw a horizontal and vertical line so that all 4 bolts will be lined up correctly.  Then you can drill a guide holes where the lines intersect.  
Drill a starter hole (that's what she said).
Then it's time to crank in the heavy duty bolts.  We used a socket wrench and some elbow grease to crank them into the wall.
Yup, completely level!
Now, you just snap the TV into place!
And Tim glares at you while you take pictures of him instead of helping ;)
Voila!  Doesn't Stevie the TV look so pretty on this little wall? 
Then I was left with this gorgeous mess to patch up.
A little putty, a little sandpaper, and some paint, and it looked all nice and neat again :)
So there you have it!  Mounting a TV on the wall is actually pretty easy, as long as you have the right tools!

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