Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Checklist: Halloween & Tim's Birthday

Two more items got crossed off the handy Fall Checklist this past weekend!
We spent the weekend celebrating Tim's birthday, Halloween style!

His birthday actually landed on Thursday this year, so I made him his birthday dinner that night.  I've been making him the same dinner since we first started dating- macaroni and cheese with broccoli and chicken.  Seven years ago, I made it by boiling the chicken and making Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (extra cheesy).  The next year I stepped it up and cooked him some noodles with canned Alfredo sauce, and it's been getting a little better every year since.  This year I made him my amazing vegan macaroni and cheese that even got the approval of my meat-and-potatoes co-worker.  Seriously guys, this stuff is (@$(*#$ delicious.  Make it stat!  I also used some fake chicken strips in addition to throwing some broccoli in the mix!  On the side, I tossed together a fresh salad as well.

How old are you Tim?  26, that's right!

Friday night, I took him out for a sushi dinner at Dragonfish in downtown Seattle.
Tim ordered some creepy looking sushi that had red caviar on top...whatever floats your boat buddy!
 They had the most amazing yakisoba and asparagus fried rice,
 And I got the most insane drink- it had thick pomegranate foam on top of a sour martini.  It was amazing!
After that, we hit up a friend's Halloween party (another check off my checklist!) dressed as Dexter and a kill victim, and yes, I'm wearing a dress made of Saran Wrap!

Oh- and we won the costume contest!! Yay!!
There was also this black vodka- I'd never even heard of that before!  It was pretty sweet!

Then we spent the night downtown to enjoy the Saturday morning bustle of downtown Seattle.  Since Tim enjoys sitting around with no plans, I didn't make him do anything but sit around reading and napping the rest of the weekend!  Oh, but I also surprised him with a massage after his soccer game to relax those tense muscles!


  1. Is that a wine glass full of "black vodka"? Dude, Tim doesn't play. Hardcore.


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