Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump!

After yesterday's post about making liquid soap out of bar soap, I figured I should follow up by showing you show I made a soap bottle out of an old mason jar (originally containing salsa!).  The jar has a chalkboard painted top, because I'm crazy enough to paint almost anything in chalkboard paint!
The soap pump was very easy to make!  All you need is a jar, and an old pump, which can come from an old soap jar.  Just cut the pump out of the bottle right below the threading (you know where the actual pump screws into the bottle?  You want that screw part and also the pump.

Then I just drew a circle onto the new jar's lid to estimate where the pump will fit in.
After drilling a starter hole and destroying an exact-o knife and old pair of scissors, I discovered that my kitchen shears snip through the metal top with practically no effort!
Then I was able to shove the screw through the hole (that's what she said)!
See the number I did on the lid's paint?  You obviously don't have to paint your mason jar, but I wanted to make it look sleeker.  No biggy though, this wasn't anything a couple dabs of touch up paint wouldn't fix!
Then, just screw the pump onto the base and screw the lid onto the jar, cutting the straw at an angle to fit inside the jar.

Voila!  Doesn't she look pretty next to the shiny Christmas ornaments in Tim's bathroom?
These would make a great gift idea for anyone!

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