Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Black

I've got an update on the bubble chandelier I recently made.  I painted the shade black!
Oooh pretty!

You might remember that I was going for this look while upgrading my dining room area (by installing a new light fixture and refinishing a table we'll be bringing home in a few weeks):
I think we're one step closer!  I'll admit, I used a not-so-very-smart method to paint the shade: spray paint.  And while yes, I know how incredibly horrible it is to spray paint indoors, it was almost a must because:
  • I tried to paint the shade with normal paint, and because of all the strings, it wasn't getting to the actual shade.
  • The darn thing took so long to install that Tim refused to take it down again (OK, he didn't actually refuse but he gave me the same look that he gives me when I suggest we sell everything we own and go travel the countryside with our backpacks: NO!)
  • Two of the glass bubbles are already broken and I didn't want to risk breaking more by moving it.
So, spray painting indoors it was.  First I covered the bubbles and inside of the shade with lots of plastic and painters tape, and then I made my own little Dexter cave to keep the paint contained by taping a drop cloth in a circle around the light, the ceiling, and the table below.

And voila!  Don't worry, I immediately opened every door and window in our condo and turned on all the fans we had to let the fumes die down.  I may have killed a few brain cells, but at least my light is gorgeous now, huh?

It really ties in with the rest of the room now!  It also has a bit of dramatic flair that I love!
You might notice that our little dining hutch has been moved over here and away from where it was before.  That may be because Tim and I bought a couch this weekend!  Stay tuned tomorrow for more details!


  1. SO cute, Shauna!!

    Did you get your package yet...? I'm dying for it to get there!

  2. I love that lamp. It is super awesome.

  3. I like your mini kill room Shauna. Oh, and the chandelier too :)


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