Tuesday, November 15, 2011

101 in 1001 Days Blog Swap!

Last night I received an exciting package from my blog swap buddy Meghan @ Shine On.  We're both participating in the 101 in 1001 Challenge Blogger Swap hosted by Holly @ Perfectly Imperfect.  We're both sending each other something to help on our 101 in 1001 days lists (read mine here!), and as I await for her to receive my package, I get to share what she sent me!

First of all, this card made my laugh- especially because I love wine!  I'd love to see you at Christmas as well Meghan!  Maybe you, me and Sar can meet up for a triple Starbucks Sunday while you're all at home!
The first thing Meghan sent me was a double dose on my list: #28: Make a desert for Christmas, and #79: Try 10 new vegan recipes.
She sent me four yummy sounding vegan desert recipes to make!  I can't wait to try them!
Next, she sent me a pack of recycled note cards for #96: Write my granny a letter once a month.  Love the eco-friendly touch!!  And when you receive my package you'll see how much I needed new stationary too! 
Lastly, Meghan also sent me a pocket dictionary so that I can start learning American Sign Language (#66).  I can't wait to start learning!
I loved everything you sent Meghan!!  Thank you so much!!  Everyone, make sure you check out Meghan's blog at Shine On!  You can also check out what everyone else sent here!


  1. Yay! So glad you liked it...you take some good pictures too, by the way!

    And yes, a triple Starbucks Sunday with you, Sar and me would be PERFECT!

  2. Those were so creative! Good luck learning sign-language! A good friend of mine is an interpreter and she said there is a huge need for people who can interpret well!

  3. Oh holy moly! Of course Miss Meghan put me to shame with her cute little labels. I didn't get cutesy done, or sent on time but I am hoping for awesomeness anyway! I love the card!

  4. These are AWESOME!!!! I'm so glad you got such amazing things, and I hope you can put them to good use to complete the items on your list!! Thank you sooo much for participating :-D

  5. How great! Holly just received my package and I'm waiting for the one she sent me. Meghan did a great job.

  6. what fun stuff! :) I love the vegan recipes, that's a cool idea!!
    following you!


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