Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Checklist: Apple Cider & Donuts

We have another thing to check off our fall checklist: 
MmmmmMmmmm!  Drink apple cider and eat donuts!  These donuts are from a local vegan donut shop, Mighty-O Donuts!  They taste ahhhhhmazeballs (channeling my inner Giuliana)

Confession: we ate the whole bag on the drive home from the grocery store...
Yikes, I still have time left to finish this list, but there are a couple items that may be too late to do this year!  Oh well!


  1. Tim is so friggin' chill. He must balance your craziness out. I like that.

    Can't wait for part two!

  2. You two are awesome. I just love love this vlog! =) And I agree with Sarah - he is sooo calm!

  3. You guys are always funny :)


  4. Adorables. I like for whatever what's your favorite question you always had at least 3 answers

  5. Meghan and I talk about our moms 'cuz we don't have studly husbands to be our best friends. ;)

  6. Also, Nick and I totally talked about Doug and Patti Mayonnaise too! But then Nick goes off on "Maggie Ketchup" for like, 4 minutes so I cut it out.

  7. And so you know I feel the same way!!


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